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My Notes 25-Feb-2017 25-02-2017

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Moral economy of a university

Institution Building is a long drawn effort and shall be guided by vision, systemic understanding and response to the challenges that come in between. In building an university, it need to be guided by passion for knowledge, humanity and love for scholarship. Art of teaching is a craftsmanship and commodifying education, turning teacher student relation in to an arid clientalism will take away normative perspective of education from its roots.

In India Bureaucratisation and politicisation of university campus killing vibrancy and redefining university landscape in to an exercise of numbers. Growing indices to compare universities is phenomenon to standardise higher education in the country.


Mumbai waits to exhale

Urban chaos in Mumbai

  1. Growth of Parastatals and lack of coordination
  2. Lack of political direction and people participation.
  3. Chaotic town planning

Remember the following report : world competitive cities report.



Politics of regional identity and patronage have dominated local Government elections till date. A new trend of evaluation of civic amenities is coming in to foray in voting behaviour for local elections.

If present poll outcomes in Maharashtra for local bodies are observed, clearly BJP has become the central pole in indian politics. It can be majorly attributed to the growth of strong and effective leadership at regional level. Congress is been deprived of the same.


Shining Bright

India aims to achieve 100gw of solar power by 2022. In this the major Barriers are cost of production and availability of finances.

  1. If past five years trend is observed in India, capital available for renewable energy is decreasing. So, low cost financing channels have to be developed. Green Bonds kind of instruments need to be developed.
  2. Competitive manufacturing of full chain of photovoltaics and training for human resources shall be developed.
  3. Electricity regulators shall fix the tariffs by taking in to consideration the cost of production.

In this context, low cost bidding for unit of electricity prices and central Government decision to rise power installed in dedicated solar parks to 40 gigs watts by 2020 is a welcome step.



Labour reforms

  1. Trade unions act, Industrial disputes act, Industrial employment (standing orders)act will be converted in to a single code on Industrial relations.
  2. TheLabourMinistryhasproposedthatfactorieswithupto500workersbeallowedtolayoffworkersorshutshopwithoutseek-inggovernmentpermission.At present the limit is 100. 
  3. Factories with up to 300 workers need not take govt permission to retrench workers or close down.




  1. VX Nerve agent : an oregano phosphorous compound



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