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Getting the basics wrong


Universal basic income

Core concept : It was proposed by left liberal political philosopher Philippe van Pari in his book real freedom for all. According to him, basis for universal basic income is the fair distribution of real freedom to pursue the realisation of ones conception of the good life. Core of the concept of basic income is absence of means test(income of an individual) and work test (employment status). An alternative to universal basic income is negative income tax. According to this, individuals below a certain income threshold receives a tax credit. It is the difference between basic income or guaranteed income and tax liability. It is based on a premise that all citizens will pay the taxes.


The main features of universal basic income are

  1. It is provided to all the citizen by the state with out basic conditions like level of income and employment requirements.
  2. It is not a substitute to the existing developmental and welfare programmes. It is an add on to the existing anti poverty programmes. It is technically wrong to compare the costs of universal basic income with nutritional, child development, education and health programmes. So, internationally universal basic income is proposed in lieu of employment or income guarantee schemes.
  3. It is envisaged as a method of redistribution of wealth. So, funds shall be raised from taxation of rich rather than cutting down the expenditure on welfare.
  4. It should be universal and not targeted an end use shall not be specified.(unconditional)
  5. Resource mobilisation has to increase ten fold for the state to take up universal basic income.

Unlike this, economic survey has proposed an alternative view of universal basic income as a substitute to the existing welfare programmes.


Game of tones

Consolidation is essential in any sector for its long term sustainability. Telecom sector is facing a challenge of intense competition. It is dipping the profitability of companies. So, consolidation has started happening and four large companies are expected to stay in race in the long run.


Back on track?

India and china  are working for a common ground to engage. 2016 is the rough year by standards of diplomacy between India and China. Chinas objections to Indias entry in to NSG, China keeping a technical hold on Masood Azhar in 1267 committee are the major reasons.

Now, the new ground is made to cooperate on Afghanistan through Joint development project. But, China Pakistan Economic corridor violating territorial integrity of India is still a major concern.



Opinions of Justice R M Lodha

  1. Judicial appointments : Judiciary has made a strong institutional efforts to ring fence itself from executive overreach. At the same time, transparency need to be strived for in Judicial appointments. Memorandum of procedure is an effort in this direction.
  2. Lack of women in higher Judiciary : it is a phenomenon across the world. It is majorly due to lack of women recruits in the early years in to Judiciary. As women today constitutes 40% of Judicial recruits, it is a matter of time to increase women representation in Judicairy.
  3. BCCI : BCCI discharges an important public function the nation is obsessed with. So, it is amenable to Judicial supervision.


Question of the day

Universal basic income is a very distant proposition for India. It shall not be seen as a substitute to the existing welfare framework. Discuss






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