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Food on its own terms

Reasons for growing food shortage in Indian economy

  1. Agriculture has become unremunerative.
  2. Migration of agricultural labour
  3. Land reforms and abolishing tenancy laws have hampered land leasing.
  4. Diversion of agricultural land for other purposes.
  5. Climate change and decreasing production
  6. Depletion of natural resources – ground water, sand mining, alienation of agricultural land.
  7. Degradation of land. ( a land use policy is necessary)

What has to be done

  1. Land reforms need to be revisited in the context of globalisaiton
  2. 2nd green revolution
  3. Land use policy need to be brought in

(article has spoken about these issues in the context of Kerala)



Central statistical office has released its estimates. They are

  1. Annual GDP growth projected at 7.1%
  2. 3rd quarter GDP has expanded by 7%
  3. Overall gross value added in the third quarter is estimated as 6.6%
  4. Agricultural GVA is at 6%

The above optimistic picture is due to near normal monsoon, revival in agriculture. Mining, manufacturing and Government expenditure. But, financial, real estate and professional services sectors have appeared to be worse effected due to demonetisation.


Withering highs

IMD has stated that 2017 will be the hottest year. It shall send policy makers and administrations a serious note on summer management. These are

  1. Expansion of urban tree cover
  2. Shifting towards a low carbon emission economy
  3. Addressing urban water distress



The more things change…

Analysis of Tamilnadu politics for last 3 decades signify a centralised leadership to run a patronage system. There is an emphasis on culture – language, agrarian tradition. Distress among the people has manifested on the above subjects rather than on the economic and civic issues. Jallikattu is an example.


Operation Replay?

In Pakistan terrorist can be broadly divided in to three categories

  1. Terrorists focussed on pakistan and others  - Tehrik I Taliban pakistan, Jamaat – ul - Ahrar
  2. Terrorists causing destruction in Afghanistan – Taliban and Haqqani Network
  3. Terrorists with a focus on India. – Laskar e Jhangvi, Jamaat ud dawa

Zara E Azb was a military action specifically focussed against TTP. It is primarily concentrated on the tribal agencies and select parts of Khyber phkhtunkhwa. Rad duo Fassad has an expanded scope. It  will be Pakistans first urban counter terror offensive and it also has an operational zone in Punjab, Sind.


  1. National action plan to counter terrorism has primarily became a military action. It will further expand the gap between Military and civil administration. Military courts are being established to trial cases related to terrorism. It can worsen human rights violations.
  2. Ethnic relations are worsening. Pashtun have started complaining of racial profiling.




President trump in his address emphasised that

  1. trade barriers for American products is a major concern. India being 9th largest trade partner for USA can face challenges related to customers duties, price controls, domestic content requirements. Trump administration will be less concerned about balancing trade issues with strategic concerns.
  2. Merit based immigration system


GDP equals GVA plus net indirect taxes. As net indirect taxes increase, it will lead to higher GDP growth.





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