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My Notes 03-March-2017 03-03-2017

Dear Students:

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Are our campuses are under siege?

Issues covered – ideas of a nation, nationalism, freedom

Remember these words


History of authoritarianism is characterised by

1)      Growth of Surveillance societies and police state.

2)      Moral and cultural policing . Misuse of media as a propaganda machinery.

3)      Replacement of class politics with identity politics. Development of communal consciousness based on religion and culture.

  1. Universities shall impart critical thinking and shall provide for an understanding of the social world.
  2. Education shall be a catalyst for change.
  3. Universities shall nurture revolutionary consciousness.
  4. Dialogue shall be the basis for any change.

Knowledge is fluid and it shall come from a free mind. Every authoritarian regime either left or right is to attack this free mind.



Campaigning on a budget

Political funding and party funding are different from each other. Political funding includes electoral funding along with party funding. Party funding is minuscule compared to electoral expenditure made by the political parties and contesting candidates in india.

In a competitive electoral democracy political parties shall have a way for collecting funds and it can not be denied. But most of the party funding in India comes form anonymous sources. This needs to be restricted. As per ADR study, 69% of total party funds are coming from undisclosed sources. Proportion is much higher for regional parties compared to national parties.

A candidates ability to fund his election has become a major criteria to choose candidates by political parties. Added to this, elected MLAsare looking for a constant patronage from high command to get ministerial berths. It is also dilutions legislative accountability.

Here the way out is to decentralise the functioning of political parties and reordering the relation between the legislature and executive.


Insurgent in the White House

In USA alternative right movement started growing form last decade. Its central thoughts are based on white nationalist political insurgency, exclusivist attitude towards other races, misogyny political incorrectness, and protectionist economic philosophy. Their world view is a construct of a clash between Judeo Christian west and Jihadist Islamic fascism.

They are not opposed to capitalism but opposed to globalisation. They do not see globalisation  as a failure of an economic system but as a political imposition by the establishment based in Washington. 

President Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon belongs to very category above.



UNHRC resolution on srilanka is based on four pillar approach assured by srilanka. They are

  1. To address truth
  2. Reconciliation
  3. Accountability
  4. Non recurrence

Slow progress of constitutional reforms and war crimes is a concern for Tamils in srilanka.



  1. Public procurement needs to be opened up for greater competition. Cartelisation and collusive bidding are the major challenges for public procurement.
  2. Privatisation per se will not lead to greater competition and proper regulation is necessary. China and Russia are examples where privatisation has led to oligarchy. In india, regulation is a work in progress.
  3. India is becoming a highly litigious society and it promoting a decision making by Judiciary.
  4. India is in a new tryst with destiny as it is trying to emerge as a democratic super power. But it faces enormous challenges.


India is to attend permanent Indus commission meet to be held in Pakistan. Kishan ganga a Project and rattle dam project are expected to be discussed here.





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