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Dire straits

Sustainable use of marine resources is at the heart of the India –srilanka fishing problem. Fisherman form Tamil Nadu has to shift to deep sea fishing and end bottom trawlers that are unsustainable.


Staying cool

Montreal protocol recommends for the complete removal of the chemicals that cause ozone depletion and aid global warming. HCFCs responsible for the both are majorly used in refrigeration in Industry. In this scenario, following actions can be taken to reduce their use.

  1. Modernisation of technology
  2. Financial availability
  3. Incentivisation of consumers to shift to new technology
  4. Energy efficient temperature limits for air conditioning units in public places.
  5. Regular audit of public buildings.

In a Nut shell air conditioning and refrigeration shall be made energy efficient and eco friendly.


The Mystery of police reform

SC of India has directed for police reform and enactment of a model law in a PIL filed by the former DGP of UP, Prakash singh. The major directives of SC on this issue are

  1. Clear separation of law and order from crime functions of police.
  2. Police establishment board shall be established to regulate police placements.
  3. Fixed tenure to police officers in crucial positions.

Most of the state Governments have bypassed their implementation.

On the other side, ills of police functioning can not be explained only through political interference. There is growing dishonesty, callousness, lack of motivation among the police men. So, proper training in consumer sensitive policing with an ideal police as a service can help.



Forest Guards, though a uniformed service is a way different from other services like police, paramilitary in terms of resources at their disposal and recognition of their effort. They are involved in multitudinal functions  like dozing off forest fires, fighting poachers, evacuation of people from the National parks etc. So, an institutional mechanism need to be put in place that shall empower the forest guards.



The clarity secret ballot enables

Identify based voting is a simplification of complex voting behaviour of the people of UP. Most of the voters are guided by the following factors.

  1. Availability of  the local contestant.
  2. Ability of the Government to deliver economic benefits.



  1. Compassion international, an international NGO kept by the Government in prior referral list by the Government has shun its operations from India.
  2. CSIR – Tech – CSIR Pvt tech ltd has shun its operations as it failed to scale up its operations.


China has proposed for double suspension formula to ease tensions in Korean Peninsula. It proposed for suspension of Nuclear and missile activity of North Korea in return to the suspension of  USA-south Korea military exercises.





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