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Change in the world order is not new and liberal international order losing itself to an age of uncertainty today is a myth. It is happening from long in different parts of the world and now it has effected the west. For example, west Asia is in turmoil since a decade earlier and Eastern Europe from the disintegration of USSR.

Another perspective is - liberal International order was present only in small part of the world – West. It is where today populism,nationalism and illiberalism has emerged. An important aspect of this change is rejection of globalism – that has led to the creation of global elite promoted by the financial capital. A backlash against loss of identity has taken the form of anti immigration, nationalism and populism. Politics here have started exploiting the insecurities of the people and it led to the growth of liberal order in the west.

Another phenomena of the stated uncertain word is rise of china and shift of geo politics from euro Atlantic to Asia and Indian, Pacific Oceans. Price watercoopers has estimated that emerging 7 will be double the economic size of G 7.

Another important aspect of this illiberal order is growth of alternative facts, half truth facilitated by information overload and social media.

The biggest challenge of coping with this shift is absence of credible multilateral institutions. So, in this world of change how stability shall be maintained is a major challenge. So, stability itself need to be broken in to arms race stability, deterrence stability and crisis stability.

In today s world as conventional arms are becoming equally lethal arms race stability is almost impossible. So, deterrence and crisis stability are the way out. It rests on mutual vulnerabilities and Missile defence technologies impact this deterrence stability. Proper communication links and risk reduction mechanisms are essential to maintain crisis stability.


Voting with our feet

Voter turn out in elections in India is increasing and voting behaviour is changing. These changes are

  1. Increasing voter apathy and voter fatigue happening in the west is a myth in India.
  2. Indians rejecting politics and politicians from the day  is an overstatement.
  3. Gender participation differences in elections have reduced to 1%. Gender gap is reducing and women are expressing a different voting choice form men in the family.
  4. Voter turnout is rising from parliament to state to local elections. It shows that personally felt outcomes matter most to the voters.
  5. If the party competition is keenest, voting is higher.


Open gates

European court of Justice in its ruling gave the member states right to grant or deny asylum to the people from third countries who had no prior links with Europe.  It is against the human rights history of the union that is embedded European charter of human rights.




Does age encompass mental age?

The POSCO( protection of child from sexual offences act) fails to take in to account mental age of the victim. The act defines a child on the basis of his/her biological age and it shall be less than 10. Many of the victims of sexual offences are having a mental age less than 18 although biological age is much higher. So, definition of age under POSCO act shall include biological and mental age.







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