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My Notes 11-March-2017 11-03-2017

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Post truths in Tamil Nadu

  1. Liberal Democracies across the world are becoming victims of alternative facts

Democracy has to be built on reasoned discussion and debate. In the post truth era alternative facts, fake news have become a pernicious trend to influence people and their arguments.

  1. Responsibility and authority shall not be divorced in a democracy. In remote control governments this divorce is clearly visible.
  2. Growth of few power elite based on caste and family alliances can deconstruct an administrative state. It makes the wisdom of one individual superior to collective wisdom of the party.
  3. Legitimacy is the key necessity for democratic transfer of power and it  shall flow from people. People also shall have the power to delegitimize the Government if necessary. Right to recall is an instrument to address the disconnect between the voters and their representatives. It is not available in india.


Is noise is only way to get noticed?

In India political advancement of individuals is determined random criteria and is subjected to the attention individuals get to the supreme leader. It is due to centralized and hierarchical functioning of political parties. It makes the cadre to resort to noise or disturbance to get noticed by high command.

Hierarchical nature of Indian politics is not cultivating a sense of ownership for the party agenda at local level. So, way forward is to

  1. Reduce the randomness in political advancement at local level.
  2. Nurturing intra party democracy.


After Mosul

ISIS has faced serious setbacks in Mosul and it is back in to the hands of Iraqi forces. It reduces the ISIS to only few pockets in Syria and Iraq. So, the way froward before the group is to resort to Al-Qaeda Iike Guerrilla fight. This will pose more asymmetric threats than a direct challenge.

Added to this, Iraq shall work to reverse the conditions that have led to the penetration of ISIS. The sectarian divide and alienation of Sunnis need to be addressed. So, political fight to win the hearts is still awaiting. PM Haider al Abadi already hinted at power sharing and reaching out to sunnis.


Partial cover

Maternity benefit act is getting amended to enhance the paid leave in organized sector from the existing 12 weeks to 26 weeks. It is in alignment with WHO recommendation of breast feeding the child for at least 24 weeks. Adoptive mothers and women who get children through embryo transfers are also eligible for this benefit. Crèche facilities also  need to be provided for children.

So, challenge is to make employers adopt to this situation and it shall not become a disincentive for employers to hire women.

Added to this, women employed in unorganized sector are not covered under this.



Enemy property bill passed by Rajya Sabha

Central Government has designated some properties belonging to nationals of Pakistan and china as enemy properties during 1962,65 and 71 wars. It vested these properties in the custodian of enemy property for india an office under Government of India. 1968 act regulates these properties and lists powers of the custodian.

The present bill amends the act to clarify that even in the case of enemy s death or in the case a legal heir is indian citizen or enemy changes his nationality, the property lies with Custodian. The bill prohibits any transfer of property by enemy or his/her legal heirs.


Lost chandrayaan 1 Orbiting Moon – NASA

Indias forest lunar probe Chandrayaan1 that has lost contact with grounding 2009is still orbiting the moon according to NASA.


Bailable warrant against Justice Karnan

A seven Judge bench issued a bailable warrant against sitting Calcutta HC Judge CS Karnan for failing to present himself before the court in relations to suomotu contempt case issued by SC for denigrating Judicial institution.






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