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My Notes 13-March-2017 13-03-2017

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Modish UP wave and after

  1. In India polling percentages for different elections – National, State and Local are different. It can be attributed to local factors and strong presence of regional players.
  2. The present UP election result shows that era regional parties is coming to an end.
  3. BJP victory made it as a natural party of Government which congress held in the initial years of independence of India.
  4. Person centric politics are not good for any country. A balance is necessary in managing power of the state in a democracy. So need of the hour is a strong opposition. ‘
  5. BJP victory is a twin combination of development and muscular nationalism. It shall not alienate communities from development. Its mandate has twin challenges to face – high expectations it built in and a communally groomed polity.
  6. Another factor responsible fro BJP success is the understanding of relevant social and economic determinants at the constituency and booth levels.


The congresses Punjab lifeline

Religion and politics are intertwined in Punjab and being a border state its problems are very different. It suffers from growing crime, drug trafficking and violence. Politicization of religious institutions by alkalis, corruption and nit incumbency are the reasons for the failure of Akali BJP coalition.



The Limits of identity politics

Books – Christopher Jaffrelot : India’s silent revolution : India s transmission from a single party dominant system to a multifarious, deeply regionalised system was made by the silent revolution of lower castes both in North and south India. The post Mandal era politics witnessed rise of SP, BSP in UP and RJD,JD in Bihar.


Kanchan Chandra – Why Ethnic parties succeed – book argues that India has patronage democracy where Government could monopolies resource distribution on an ethnic basis. It makes ethnic parties to survive .


But the present election results show that identity based politics in India have reached their break point.




Prime Minister Modi envisioned a New India based on development opportunities, empowerment of youth, dalit and women.



Interview with Hinduja

Delay in Government decisions is still a concern

Hinduja brothers have identified following concerns to invest in India

  1. Bureaucratic hurdles.
  2. Delay in decision making
  3. High cost of capital
  4. Indecisiveness of banking sector


Casting industry in India – challenges

India is 3rd largest player in casting industry.

  1. Lack of technology up gradation
  2. Lack of access to quality manpower.
  3. Challenges from china and other markets
  4. Cost of power and fuel is highest in India to face international price challenges.




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