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Saffron storm in Uttarpradesh – important points

  1. Nationalization of elections : In India, normally national elections are fought on local premises and voted on local issues.  But, the present election has knocked down the earlier trend of regionalization of election. BJP has sought the votes in the name of Prime minister Modi and support for his policies.
  2. Marginalization of minorities: Though BJP has promised development for all there is a careful exclusion of minorities. UP elections are polarized on religious lines like never before.
  3. Social Justice – The election has exposed the limits of politics of social Justice based on reservations. Reservations have benefitted only few sub groups among OBCs and Dalits. Resentment of other subgroups was ignored and BJP was able to garner their support.
  4. Change in identity – identity based politics did not die in india. It has changed and became broad based. Religious identity took over the caste identity and fragmentation inherent in caste identities is receding to consolidate majoritarian votes.
  5. Propaganda : An era of alternative facts also appeared to arrive in India. Fake news repeatedly reinforced through social media and propaganda machinery put in forward by the political parties have proven to be effective.


Crimes of apartheid

UN Economic and social commission for Western Asia has charged Israel of the charges of Apartheid against Palestinians living in its territory, West Bank and Gaga strip, east Jerusalem and refugees.

Palestinians who have Israeli citizenship do not have the right of nationality and have access to only inferior social services, zoning laws are restricting their free movements and have restrictions on buying land, house or property.

Though voting rights exists for Palestinian Israel citizens, Article 7(a) of the basic law prohibits any political party from considering a challenge to the states Jewish character.

Commission recommends for investigation of situation in Israel and ruminate prosecution against Israel officials connected with apartheid.


It s complicated

Erdogan in turkey is on the way to change constitution to transform Turkey as a presidential form of Government through a referendum. In this, citizens of Turkey living in other parts of the world can vote. To influence them, Erdogan and his party intends to take rallies across EU. Germany, Netherlands did not allow for the same and it led to a rift between both.

It need to be remembered that EU is Turkeys largest trading partner and Turkey shall not compromise long term interests for short term gains.


Gauntlet at Suma

Recent attack at Sukma by Naxals on CRPF clearly sends a message that extremist outfit still holds strong presence in the region and exposes operational lacunae of security forces. Police shall strengthen intelligence gathering, shall develop local relationships and standard operating protocols for better coordination between CRPF and state police.


A lost opportunity

Maternity benefit bill intends to rise maternity leave for women form the existing 12weeks to 26 weeks. This is a paid leave and costs have to borne by the company concerned. Added to that, paternity leave is not considered by the bill. The major issues to be addressed are

  1. It can disincentive companies to hire young women in to employment. As women accounted for only 21% of jobs at the entry and middle managerial level, situation can further worsen.
  2. Lack of paternity leave takes a pre concluded notion that child rearing is only  a job of women.
  3. Bill covers only formal sector employment and is expected to benefit only 18lakh women.


Comparing budgets

USA budget for defence  is at $600bn,  China s budget is at $150bn and Indias allocations for defence is at$ 53.5bn. It shows India is only 1/3rd of Chinese defence expenditure. Added to this, Chinese figures are not reliable as china do not account for many dual use goods as defence expenditure.



  1. Bad loans slowing, remains a challenge – Growth of bad loans is decreasing but they are still a major challenge according to finance minister. Government is looking forward to establish a public sector asset reconstruction company. (Public sector Asset rehabilitation agency)


  1. Banks are against farm loan waiver in UP

From loan waivers will disturb credit discipline and will badly effect banking sector functioning.


  1. Fed raises interest rates in USA as economic growth and employment have become normal.


NationalHealth Policy: New policy  emphasizes oncentral role for PHCs and proposes for assured health services for all. It did not talk of right to health but took a comprehensive approach centered around PHCs to improve access to quality health care.





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