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My Notes: 17-March-2017




Are injectable contraceptives advisable?

Govt of India has recently introduced injectable contraceptives DMPA as a contraceptive choice. Issues are

  1. Injectable contraceptives can have adverse impact on women health.
  2. As the existing contraceptive choices are not made readily acceptable to women, introduction of a new choice that have complications of its own will not help.
  3. Fertility shall be seen as an issue of socio economic condition rather than just as an health issue.

Way forward

  1. Government shall ensure that informed choice exists for women.
  2. Gender bias in reproductive health program need to be addressed.


The governors choices

Sarkariacommission has recommended for various choices before governor in an order of preference in the case of an hung assembly. It is been affirmed by SC of India in rajeshwar prasad vs union of India in 2005. They are


  1. A pre poll alliance
  2. Single largest party taking claim to form Government with support of others including independents
  3. A post poll coalition
  4. A post poll electoral alliance with some parties supporting government from outside.



National health policy

  1. It proposes to raise public Health expenditure to 2.5% of GDP.
  2. Targets

The government will pursue ambitious targets like reducing Under Five Mortality to 23 per 1000 by 2025 and Maternal Mortality Ratio from current levels to 100 by 2020, and Infant Mortality Rate to 28 by 2019. It also seeks to reduce neo-natal mortality to 16 and stillbirth rate to “single digit” by 2025.

  1. It promotes universal access to quality health care services
  2. Delivery of health care services to socially vulnerable population groups.
  3. Promote research in tribal medicines
  4. Establish a public health management cadre in each state
  5. Ensure public hospitals to provide universal access to drugs and diagnostics
  6. Regulate use of medical devices for quality compliance
  7. Envisions a rise in life expectant form the existing 67.5yrs to 70 years.
  8. Set up tribunals for grievance redressal.



















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