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My Notes 18-March-2017 18-03-2017

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Please Follow My Notes and My Video 18-March-2017


Dravid politics in TamilNadu started with Periyar, Annadurai and are carried forward by Karunanidhi and MGR. They are based on Anti Brahminism, anti Hindi and are against to dominance of Indian politics by people form north.

In 1964 these politics took a new turn with anti Hindi agitation and 1967 for the first time congress lost power and DMK has come to power. Since than Dravidian parties are able to continue their hold on Tamil politics.

1967 is also an year when India entered in to competitive populistic  politics. Dravida parties are no different. Mass populism, charismatic leadership, centralization are still the guiding factors for Tamil Nadu politics. Here politics are taken to personal level between the leaders and role of opposition is very minimal. So, a credible well intentioned opposition is the need of the hour.

After death of former chief minister jayalalitha and receding of Karunanidhi from  active politics, a clear vacuum is visible. The major challenges faced by Dravidian parties are

  1. Lack of charismatic leadership to keep parties united
  2. Charges of corruption
  3. Increasing presence of BJP with an economic development agenda in contrast to philosophy of mass welfarism.


A road map for health

National health policy 2017 aims for health for all. The major challenges here are

  1. Increasing affordability and accessibility and quality health care for every citizen.
  2. Growing disease burden – India today holds a fifth of global disease burden.
  3. Higher out of pocket expenditure, rising cost of health care and dominance of private sector. (Regulation and overnight is required)
  4. Human Resources availability and distribution ( Most of the quality human resources are available in Urban India)
  5. Lack of health data.
  6. Poor allocation of finances to health care sector – they account for 1.15% of GDP now. (Raising health care expenditure to 2.5% by 2025. )

Beyond the vote

In Netherlands elections, far right party (party for freedom) headed by Geert wilder did not win majority of seats and centre right party (peoples party for freedom and democracy headed by the PM Mark Rutte’s is expected to form the Government. It is a much needed respite for EU.



  1. Trivendrarawat is chosen as Uttarakhand CM
  2. Supreme Court collegium reserves final call on judges : Supreme Court has approved the final memorandum of procedure for appoint of Judges to higher Judiciary. It has agreed to the clause of security threat and public interest concerns for the Government to rise objections on the names recommended by collegium. But Government will not have a right to reject and if Judiciary reiterates their appointment, Government shall go forward with it. Added to this, court has accepted the Government recommendation to set up secretariats in Supreme Court and High courts to assist collegium.



AssessimpactofMakeinIndia plan

Parliamentary panel is looking in to

  1. FDI promotion in MSME sector
  2. Increase in allocation of the interest equalization scheme to make them competitive
  3. Impact of Make in india on employability and exports in the sector.



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