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March 23, 2017


Article : An Indian rethink on the belt&road initiative may require a Chinese compromise

Context : One belt one road Initiative of china

Question to think : Are India and china stuck in an impasse over one belt and one road initiative? How to make it a win – win situation?

Notes :

India and china need a reset in their ties after an year of decline. China s obstruction to India’s entry in to NSG and chinas technical hold on declaring Masood Azhar as an international terrorist did not go well with india. On the other hand, India and USA joint vision for Asia Pacific did not go well with china.

After a phase of decline, both countries are finding a way out of impasse and china has sent signals on resolving border issue. Foreign secretary Jai shankar visit to china for a restructured strategic dialogue sent positive signals to china. Fast changing global dynamics are also a reason for the same. In the changed scenario, If USA moves away from pivot to Asia, India shall rethink its own rebalance.

On one belt one road initiative china is keen for Indian participation. But sovereignty concerns of India are a major issue. China can make a compromise to allow a rethink on the part of india. It could be dealt in the manner chinese funding of the Karakoram Highway or USAID and ADB contribution to the diamer-Bhasha dam. India and china both can share a success they shared via old silk route.

Words to remember : Restructured strategic dialogue,

Take home points :

  1. India is looking for a stable, forward looking relationship with china to deal with an International situation in flux.
  2. India has to rethink on its own rebalance of the past years, if USA moves away fro pivot to Asia.
  3. India and china are in dialogue to cooperate on Afghanistan situation.
  4. Afghanistan is strongly arguing for India to Join in one belt and one road initiative.
  5. Sovereign concerns of India are an obstacle for it to join belt and road initiative. OBOR goes through Pok, Gilgit and Baltistan region of which India claims sovereign rights.


Article : Breathing life in to health care

Context :National health policy 2017

Question to think: what are the most important aspects of National health policy 2017?

Notes :

The most important aspects of National health policy 2017 are

  1. It shifts from sickness to well being as a focus. It s major emphasis is on preventive and primary health care. Primary health care is prioritized with 2/3rd of total expenditure.
  2. It aims to increase Government expenditure on health to 2.5% of GDP by 2025. It provides for free drugs diagnostics and care.  Major component of out of pocket expenditure are due to cost of medicines. Thailand is able to strive for universal health care through improved access to medicines.
  3. Primary health services will be available anywhere in the country through a family card. It provides basic services, referral linkages to higher care.  A fixed annual fee is charged for person for the services at the PHC level. At the referral level, that is at secondary and tertiary level fee for service has been proposed.
  4. Ayush systems are mainstreamed.
  5. National urban health mission will be focussed to improve unmet needs of primary urban health care needs.
  6. National health care standards organization for promoting evidence based medicine, National digital health authority, National health information network are proposed.
  7. To increase Human Resources a public health management cadre is been proposed in the policy.

Words to remember: National health care standards organization, National health information network, a national digital health authority,

Take home points :

  1. 1.      National health policy though did not promise for health as a right, it has made many provisions for universal access to health care.
  2. 2.      Centre state coordination is crucial fro achieving universal health care in india.


Article : Super power dreams

Context : Human development Index 2016

Questions to think : Inspite of fastest growing economy, why India is still low on HDI?

Notes :

After liberalization, significant inequalities persist in India. They cut across gender , income and social levels.  India has lowest participation of women among the BRICS and it has the highest number of poor people in the world. The way forward for india is

  1. India shall address the emerging challenges such as urbanization, housing deficit, access to power, water, education and health care.
  2. Government can eliminate subsidies for the richest quartile and can shift them towards public education.

Take home points

  1. 1.      India’s response to a low HDI rank  must be good education and a higher health outlay.
  2. 2.      India is placed in 131 position out of 188 countries in HDI 2016.


Article: Russian connection

Context – connections between Russia and Trump administration
Notes :
 President Trump administrations connections with Russia are under legislative scrutiny. FBI director comedy has stated that an investigation is on the way. Already National security Advisor Micheal Flynn has to resign form the office and Attorney general Jeff sessions is also bearing similar accusations. The present investigation of FBI will further erode credibility of USA president.



Article: remembering 1971

Context : Bangladesh has recently announced a Genocide day

Notes : Bangladesh parliament has passed a resolution to declare March 25 as a Genocide day and a representation was sent to UN on the matter. This is the day Pakistani army has launched operation search light in 1975 to eliminate Bengali nationalists.





  1. China reaches out to west Asia

China is engaging with Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia simultaneously in west asia. It is deepening its relations with Israel to access high end technology to transform itself in to high technology driven manufacturing economy.It is famously called as Industry 4.0 in china. On another side, it is supporting Iran in infrastructure development and is also on the side of Iran in Cold War between Iran and Saudi Arabia in syria. At the same time it is supporting Saudi’s vision 2030 plan – a blue print for reducing Riyadhs dependence on Oil and reliance on other drivers of economy.


  1. Terror attacks in UK.
  2. JaitleystronglydefendsPAN-Aadhaarlink : finance ministry is making Aadhar mandatory for Issuing PAN card and filing IT returns.




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