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My Notes 25-March-2017 25-03-2017

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Article:Rediscovering its marathon self.

Context: idea of India

Questions to think: what in your opinion India represents?


Unity in diversity is not a slogan but the true idea of India. Secularism, social justice , welfarism projects of India are deeply interwoven in to this idea. Any political party has to represent this magnificent multi cultural, multi religious and multi dimensional India. Market led globalization, mobile driven consumerist capitalism are challenging ideas of liberalism and pluralism. They also gave rise to new political forces in India.

After Independence, India pledged itself to move towards modernity –It liesinvalues,ideasandattitudes.Itliesinhumanism,pacifism,respectforallreligionsandcultures,faithincivilizationandhopeforabetterfutureforthewholeworld. DPSP and fundamental rights in India are aimed at this. India shall not deviate from its path of progress.

Carry home points :

  1. Indian secularism is based on  sarva dharma sambhava. That is equality of all religions rather than on separation of religion from state.
  2. Indian secularism as a basic feature of the constitution shall be understood with in the broader framework of constitutions commitment to social reform.
  3. Secularism in India is accompanied by commitment to the rights of the minorities. But the relationship between individual rights under art 25 and group rights under art 29 and 30 need to be worked out in full.

Words to remember :sarva dharma sambhava


Article : one India, two time zones

Context : Gauhati high court has dismissed a plea for a separate time Zone for east India.

Questions to think : Do India need a separate time zone?


The time difference between eastern and western India based on sunrise and sunset  is close to 2 hours. It means a day starts and closes early in the east. Application of one time  zone for the entire nation is diminishing productivity in the east. Added to this, cost to economy in the form of electricity consumption is increasing.

Union shall not see the North east issues from the perspective of security and self determination movements and shall think towards a new time zone.

Carry home points :

Words to remember :


Article : Terror in London

Context : recent terror attacks in London

Questions to think : how to tackle lone wolf attacks?

Notes : lone wolf attacks are becoming increasingly common and security establishment is yet to find a strategy to deal with the same. These attacks are individually motivated and gathering intelligence through modern networks is very difficult. ISIS has created a narrative through online propaganda machinery that self radicalize she an individual. So, the way forward is to have better human intelligence and community relations to gather information.

If attacks are becoming a reason to alienate Muslims, it is like playing in to the hands of ISIS.

Take home points : strengthening communities and human intelligence is a way forward.

Article : Cloak of invisibility

Context: corporate donations to political parties 

Questions to think: are the proposed  electoral reforms can bring any change on the ground?

Government of India s commitment to transparency in electoral reforms is coming under question, if amendments to companies act 2013 are observed.

Till now, companies could only contribute up to 7.5% of their average net profits in the past three financial years to political parties. They were required to disclose in their profit and loss accounts the amount of contribution and shall name the political party they have contributed to.

Now, Government removes the ceiling of 7.5% of their net profits for donations . It mean, Irrespective of profit or loss, a company can donate as much as it want to political parties. It can lead to extortions from political parties and drive crony capitalism.

Take home points

Removing the upper ceiling of donations to political parties from corporates can invite crony capitalism.



  1. 1.      Aadhaarnowneededformobileconnection.
  2. 2.      Centre seeks banks turn around plans : After the asset quality review by RBI many banks have reported losses. Government of India under indradhanush scheme is infusing capital in to these banks. It has asked banks to submit a plan for revival.
  3. 3.      Airlines support for a no fly list : After unruly behaviour by an MP, airlines are recommending to have a no fly list to remove unruly passengers.
  4. 4.      ICHRtostudyifRamSetuis manmadeornatural
  5. Environment Ministry official to chair animal welfare board : The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), a statutory advisory body under the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF), will now be permanently chaired by a senior MoEFofficial. After Jallikattu agitation, Government wants to have a control over AWBI. 


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