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27 March 2017


Article : poor vote getters blame the tools

Context :After UP elections many of the political parties have blamed EVMs and accused that EVMs are tampered.

Question to think : what is the nature of Indian EVMS and what are the improvements election commission is trying to bring in these?


EVMs are tamper proof in India and it is demonstrated over a period of time. They are not network connected and there is an improved transparency in allocation of EVMs to every constituency. Added to this, mock polls are conducted before canisters and their representatives to demonstrate their correctness.

General election 2019 will see a VVPAT – voter verifiable paper audit trail that can further improve transparency in the process.

Words to remember : Voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT)

Take home points :

  1. 1.      EVMs in India can not be tampered. They are not network connected.
  2. 2.      Political parties shall not politicise functioning of constitutional institutions like election commission of India. 


Article : A timely step

  1. 1.      Context : Centre has directed the state owned banks To submit turnaround plans.

Question to think : how the NPAs of the banks can be handled?


As per the RBI report, PSBs have 11.8% as NPAs in proportion to the total advances made . Asset quality review taken up by RBI has clearly demonstrated Vulnerability of Public sector banks in india.

NPAs will have long term impact in India on financial intermediation. Banks loose incentive to lend and it will adversely impact the growth.

To correct their health, government of India  their principle investor is taking a series of steps to increase their accountability. They are

  1. I has asked for turnaround plans with  three year time limit for the implementation of turnaround plan.
  2. Employees unions are also made part of the MOU with the Government. Employees have a self interest in the health of the bank.
  3. Capital infusion plans are in place with Indra dhanush.
  4. Economic survey has proposed for Public sector asset reconstruction company.

Words to remember : revolving door mechanism, Basel III capital regulations.

Take home points :

  1. 1.      Accountability is very important to bring in credit discipline in the banking sector. RBI and ministry of finance have a responsibility in this matter.



Article : The river as being

Context : Uttarkhand high court has declared Ganga and Yamuna as Judicial persons

Question to think : is this proposal is practically feasible?


Uttarakhand high courts judgement to declare Yamuna and Ganga as legal or Judicial persons is in line with the NewZealand granting legal status to the whanganui river. In NewZealand action is supported by a comprehensive parliamentary law. In india, the major challenges to implement the order are

  1. There are legal issues between the states on river management and sharing
  2. Centre did not take any effective role in managing inter state rivers.
  3. Parliamentary law do not exist to support the same. Court is not sovereign
  4. Many of the government agencies are the major polluters of the rivers.

Words to remember :

Take home points :

  1. 1.      Centre has to take grater responsibility in building institutional mechanisms for  river management that can aid states.



Article : Revisiting India’s Nuclear doctrine

Context : recently, North Korea  has used chemical agent VX to kill Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia. Across syria, Iraq use of chemical weapons are increasing.

Question to think : do India need to revisit its nuclear doctrine?


India’s nuclear doctrine emphasises on No first use. It also states that India reserves the right to nuclear retaliation in the event of a major attack against India, or Indian forces any where by biological or chemical weapons. Here there are 2 majorchallenges.

  1. India did not define what constitutes a major attack.
  2. Chemical and biological weapons are not well regulated as nuclear weapons.


Words to remember : chemical weapons convention – 1992

Take home points :

  1. 1.      Nuclear weapons are also a political force. In the words of K subramanyam – they are a million pound note.
  2. 2.      No first use policy in our nuclear doctrine builds stability in to deterrence.




Article : Tackling Pyongyang

Context : provocations by North Korea through nuclear and missile tests.

Question to think : is pre emptive strike or deployment of THAAD missiles can solve the existing stalemate?


South Korea has allowed USA to deploy THAAD missiles after the North Korean provocative nuclear and missile tests.  Though USA has repeatedly assured that sole focus of THAAD was the North Korea’s expanding capabilities, there appears many strategic interests. China fears that THAAD radar system can snoop in to its nuclear system and weakens its deterrence capabilities.

Words to remember :

  1. 1.      THAAD – terminal High altitude area defence
  2. 2.      Left of launch
  3. 3.      Hit to kill technologies

Take home points : Deployment of THAAD missiles in South Korea is destabilising east Asia further.




Article : on the benefits of equality

Context :  globalisation is rising inequality

Question to think : why equality is an aspired goal for the nations?


There are many studies across the world on the disadvantages of inequality and no proper literature is available on the benefits of equality. Danny DorlingsThe non sense guide to equality is a good account of these benefits. She presents an account of rise in inequalities and concerns of safety, restrictions on free movements and growth of extremism.

Words to remember :

Books to quote in our essay

  1. 1.      DannyDorling’sTheNo-NonsenseGuidetoEquality
  2. 2.      R.H.Tawney’s – equality
  3. 3.      Christopher Boehms – Hierarchy in the forest : The evolution of egalitarian behaviour.

Take home points :

  1. Equality is in everyone s benefit including wealthy.
  2. If inequalities rise they will increase concerns for safety and curtails freedoms.



  1. 1.      HowmanyIndianshaveaccesstotheInternet?

Digital divide is the major  challenge for digitalisation of economy and development in India. Rural – urban divides, lack of affordability are the major issues to be addressed.

  1. 2.      Power losses : technology to the rescue : India has transmission losses in power sector as high as 60% in many states. New technology makes remote reading of the meters possible and is able to check the power theft.
  2. 3.      Googletobringartificialintelligenceintodailylife : google is trying its best to bring artificial intelligence to solve day to day issues in health, education. In health it is able to diagnose cancer cells with improved accuracy.
  3. 4.      Indo-U.S.civilnuclearpactlikelytomissJunedeadline:  India – USA nuclear deal can miss the dead line as USA company that has to supply nuclear reactors westing house has filed for bankruptcy.
  4. 5.      IndiaeyesDhruv’sforeignmarket: Dhruv is an advanced light combat helicopter. India is trying to market the product in the countries like srilanka, Maldives. It has also improved its servicing facility to serve the same.
  5. 6.      BangladeshpilgrimsfloodsouthTripuraforfestival: Hindus from Bangladesh have come to Tripura to take a holy bath in Feni river on the occasion of Baruni festival. 


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