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My Notes and My Video 28-March-2017 28-03-2017

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Article :Givingshortshrifttochildren’srights

Context : reduction in budget allocation for Mother and child welfare programs

Question to think : How decreased focus on Mother and child welfare will impact society in long run?

Notes :

Early life health programs and natal care to mother will have a storing impact on the health ana productivity of the society. Economic survey 2015-16 also made a strong case for the same. Inspite of this, Government of India has reduced budget allocations for women and child welfare schemes.

It can worst effect the nutritional levels of pregnant women and children. The programs that saw the cuts are

  1. Maternity entitlements under NFSA – pregnant woman is entitled for a maternity benefit of 6000rs. Central Government is trying to restrict the benefits to only one child. Inspite of Supreme Court repeated reminders, program did not move forward.
  2. Integrated child development scheme (ICDS) : budget was cut close to 50%. State Governments are not in a position to pay salaries to anganwadi workers working under the scheme.
  3. Mid day meal scheme: Budget cuts are close to 36%. Added to this, provision of egg is missing in many of the states.
  4. Janaki Suraksha Yojana :  This is a program meant for rising institutional deliveries. Program had a positive impact on rise in institutional deliveries and reduction in maternal mortality rate. Government is looking to merge this program with maternity benefit scheme.

Words to remember : entitlements

Carry home points : expenditure on Mother and early child Health will have higher returns on investment.


Article : Turning the clock back

Context : India has drafted a model BIT.

Question to think : can Model BIT attract FDI?

Notes :

BITs had an important role in rising FDI flows in to India. But rise in Investor state disputes made Indian government to revisit its BITs with 58 countries. Provisions of the model BIT are in alignment with International practices. It failed to balance investment protection with a state right to regulate. It failed to mitigate regulatory risks for the investors.

Major issues with the Model BIT are

  1. MFN status : it is meant to non discriminate foreign  investors with domestic investors. Indian BIT do not have this provision.
  2. Litigation: Indian BIT requires foreign investors to litigate in domestic courts for five years before pursuing  a claim under International law. There is no multilateral investment court.
  3. Policy changes : No protection exists against retrograde policy changes by the Government at a later date of investment.

Words to remember : Bilateral investment treaty, regulatory overreach

Carry home points : India’s Model BIT has a tilt towards Government regulation than investor security.



Article : Powered by a pause

Context :Bankruptcy filed by Westing house inUSA.

Question to think : can India reduce its dependance on Nuclear energy in its energy mix? Why it shall do so?

Notes :

India –USA nuclear deal is expected to get delayed due to the bankruptcy filed by westing house. It is an opportunity for india to reexamine it energy mix and the role nuclear energy shall play in it. India has a target to produce 63000MW by 2032. It has many inherent risks.

  1. Cost of establishment: Nuclear reactor establishment is very expensive and no production can be started till everything is complete. Delays are a regular feature in construction of nuclear reactors. So, India can explore alternative energy sources that ca n deliver energy in smaller units. Ex – solar energy
  2. Security risks : Nuclear reactors are not fail proof and can cause abundant damages. Daichi accident in Japan is a reminder of the same.
  3. Civil nuclear deal with Japan: india’s civil nuclear deal with Japan did not go for logical conclusion due to technical reasons.
  4. Other issues – land acquisition and water resources are critical to launch these projects.

Words to remember : criticality, nuclear safety, energy planning.

Carry home points : Nuclear energy comes with inherent risks. India can shift to other alternatives in its energy planning.



Article : Trust with the EVMs

Context : Politicians have criticised EVMs and claimed they are tampered.

Question to think : can we doubt the election process arbitrarily?

Notes :

EVMS in India are secured through technological and procedural means.  It consists of one time programmable chip that can not be tampered and are not network connected.Added to this, randomness and transparency in their allocation makes misuse impossible.

EVMs have reduced invalid votes and cost of conducting elections and time necessary for declaring results. So, they need not be doubted.

Words to remember : stand alone machines.

Carry home points : The legitimacy of election process is a key component of any democracy.


Article :Reclaiming public spaces

Context : increasing Eve teasing in public spaces

Question to think :

Notes :

Public spaces in India shall be made safe for women. Eve teasing is a menace that severely restricted women to access a public space.

Words to remember :

Carry home points : children shall be taught that Eve teasing is not masculinity.



  1. 1.      BJPtryingtosneakincorporatefunding :

Government is been criticised that it is trying to by pass Rajya Sabha by taking in to Money bill route for important matters like

a)      Making Aadhar mandatory for social sector schemes, filing of tax returns.

b)      It has amended companies act to gain liberal corporate donations for the party. It has removed the ceiling of 7.5% of profits for the last three years, prior approval of board for political donations.

  1. 2.      SCcounterspushforAadhaar : SC of India has stated that access to centrally sponsored welfare schemes can not be denied for lack of Aadhar card. At the same time, it stated that court can not restrict the use of Aadhar for filing IT returns.
  2. 3.      Monsoonforecast offerslittle relief : Monsoon India for 2017 is expected to be less by 10% as per the sky met. It is due to the effects of Elnino. At the same time positive Indian dipole could help in reducing the impact of ELnino.




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