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My Notes and My Video 29-March-2017 29-03-2017

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Please follow my notes and my video date 29-Mar-2017



Article : Whither Human rights in srilanka

Context : Human rights violations in srilanka – Recently UNHRC acceded to Sri Lanka’s request for an extension of two more years to fulfil its commitment on fixing accountability related to war crimes.

Questions to think:


In srilanka, Human rights issues are still unresolved even after 8 years of the end of  civil war. Rights movement is also  loosing focus and today  is guided by international organisations. State is slow to address the human rights concerns and issues of rights of women, oppressed and Muslims in northern srilanka are totally missing from agenda. Internationalisation of the  issue has obscured the opportunity for democratisation of public spaces that has come after the war.

Present Government of srilanka sees constitutional political solution as a priority over war time accountability. But, state is at the core of the problem in srilanka. Repressive militarisation, centralisation of power, majoritarianism – all are problems with state institutions. So reform of these requires a direct challenge by its citizenary rather than international forums.

Words to remember : Militarisation, centralisation and Majoritarianism.

Carry home points : Challenge to the state oppression shall come form citizenary. International institutions can only have a facilitatory and educative role.




Article : Mapping out police overhaul in UP

Context : Police reforms

Questions to think: what are the core aspects to be focussed in police reforms?


  1. Increasing Police to people ratio. Emphasis shall be on recruiting constabulary.
  2. Rising Sensitivity of police towards victim. Behavioural training and Human rights understanding need to be promoted.
  3. Eliminating role of caste in police force.
  4. Operational autonomy is sine qua non for efficient and fair policing.

Words to remember :

Carry home points : operational autonomy and sensitivity to the problems of minorities, women, Dalits is critical aspect of police reform.




Article : Unique distinction

Context : Recently, SC of India has clarified its position on Aadhar.

Questions to think: Is Aadhar violative of right to privacy?


SC of India stated that Aadhar shall not be made mandatory for welfare benefits. At the same time, it stated that Government is to free to press for Aadhar for non welfare transactions or activities. These include filing IT returns, opening bank accounts or getting mobile phone connection. It has set stage for using Aadhar as a basic identity proof for all residents.

On positive side, it can reduce Income tax evasion, improve service delivery. But concerns of state surveillance , safety of data and privacy are still remaining.


Words to remember : Right to Privacy

Carry home points : Aadhar is essential for non welfare activities.



Article : Compromiseshappenwhenamandateis fractured.

Context : Goa Assembly elections

Questions to think: Fractured mandate – how will it effect governance ? Or what is the impact of coalition politics on Governance.


Clear mandate in elections will give a stable, decisive Government. Fractured mandate lead to manipulative politics.

Words to remember :

Carry home points : coalition government can lead to indecisiveness in governance.



  1. 1.      Trump to gut Obama climate policy : USA president Donald trump is set to issue an executive order to reverse commitments made by former president Obama at Paris conference. He is also dumping Obamas clean power plan to allow thermal power plants.
  2. 2.      Centre may expandsocialsecuritynet : EPFO is considering to extend social security benefits to anganwadi, Mid day meal and ASHA workers.



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