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My Notes and My Video 30-March-2017 30-03-2017

Dear students

Please follow my notes and my video date 30-Mar-2017


Article :

Context : censorship of movies

Questions to think : what is the impact of censorship on freedom of speech?

Notes : freedom of speech is a fundamental right. Art 19(1)(a) of the constitution provides for the same. Preamble of India also mentions liberty of thought and expression. But freedom of speech is not absolute and art19(2) provides for the reasonable restrictions state can be imposed. They are

  1. Security of state,
  2. sovereignty and integrity of India
  3. Relations with a foreign country
  4. Public order
  5. Morality And Decency
  6. Contempt of court
  7. Defamation

Beyond this, there are many extra constitutional restrictions are imposed by the state in the name of culture, religious sentiments etc, these are not with in the scope of reasonable restrictions. They Can adversely effect Rule of law and democracy.

  1. It remits the state to control free flow of information, thoughts and creativity. State becomes a benevolent patriarch or as a big brother.  State will decide what is right and wrong for the citizens rather than they deciding for themselves. It demeans the intellect and the maturity of the citizens.
  2. Unreasonable restrictions at the behest of fringe groups deprive the majority the people of their right to see and enjoy a good movie or art.  It can be described as a tyranny of minority over the rights of the majority.
  3. In the age of Information technology, such bans are farcical. Implementation of the bans is almost impossible. India daughter produced by BBC and banned by Indian Government is an example for this. Such bans will motivate the people to break the law and it dilutes rule of law in the country.


Words to remember : Amartya sen’s Argumentative Indian, The hindu view of life by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Carry home points

  1. Article 19 (2) permits the state to impose reasonable restrictions on seven grounds, namely security of state, sovereignty and integrity of India, friendly relationship with foreign countries, public order, decency and morality, contempt of court, and defamation.
  2. Censorship  on the grounds that the film “hurts the pride of the people of the nation”, or “hurts the religious sentiments of a community”, or that “it defies Indian sensibility”, or “it is against the Indian ethos or culture”, or “it is woman-oriented” are clearly untenable. For such grounds are not covered by Article 19 (2).
  3. Indian civilisation is based on assimilation rather than on extermination. ( S. Radhakrishnan in his book – The Hindu view of life.)






Article: The Dragon at the NSG high table

Context: India’s entry in to NSG

Questions to think: what are the challenges for India to enter in to NSG?

Notes :

China is a Major opponent for india to enter in to NSG, it wants a rules/ criteria for bringing Non NPT countries on to Nuclear high table. China also sees India s entry in to NSG is close to elevating it to the ranks of P5 or security council membership, it is demanding for.

India has got a nuclear waiver from NSG in 2008 and china is not ready to support any concessions to India. Inspite of this, functionally there will be no difference on nuclear commerce for india as nuclear waiver is still operational.

Words to remember: Nuclear supplier group, NSG waiver to India.

Carry home points : china is trying to equate India and Pakistan on Nuclear high table for entry in to NSG.


Article: Back to square one

Context: Post Arab spring in Egypt

Questions to think: How the situation has changed in Arab world after the democratic revolts?

Notes :After Arab Spring, Tunisia is the only country that has a stable democracy. In Egypt, General Al Sisi is able to provide a stable Government. In Libya, Syria, Yemen situation got deteriorated to worse.

In Egypt, revolution over threw Hosni Mubarak – A symbol of repression. Later Muslim Brotherhood won the elections. It was unable to provide a stable Government. In Egypt, today situation appears grim and there is no substantive improvement.

Words to remember: Arab Spring

Carry home points : Arab spring failed to  create democracy and pushed countries in to anarchy.


Article: The Modern Way

Context: mental  health care bill is passed by the Lok Sabha recently.

Questions to think: what are the challenges in India to provide quality mental health care?

Notes : resource constraint is the major challenge in India to provide for a quality mental health, it need to be integrated with primary health care with adequate training to ground level health care workers. India has only 0.3 psychiatrists per a lakh population compared to china’s 1.7.

Other important provisions of mental health care bill are

  1. Right to medical treatment
  2. Decriminalisation of attempt to suicide
  3. Explicit acceptance of agency of people with mental illness and their Freedom to choose treatments.
  4. Prohibition of discrimination and
  5. Regulation of establishments working in the field.
  6. General use of ECT and seclusion of patients is prohibited. There will be greater reliance on community and family support.
  7. health insurance coverage to mental health issues

Words to remember: National Mental health care bill.

Carry home points : Mental health care in india need to be Humanised. It needs a community centric care rather than institutional confinement. 




  1. 1.      Brexit spotlight turns to talks between U.K. and EU : Prime Minister Theresa May has initiated Brexit process. She is confident of reaching a deal in two years and promises a smooth and orderly exit. The major issues That need to be settled are

A)     Right to remain for EU citizens in UK and UK citizens in EU.

B)     Reciprocal Market access.

C)     Clarity and reassurance to business.

  1. China to fund local elections in Nepal : china has agreed to fund local elections in Nepal drawing criticism from Madhesis.
  2. Supreme Court bans registration of BSIII vehicles : SC of India has clearly stated that commercial interest can not supersede public health interest and banned registration of BSIII vehicles from April 1, 2017. BSIV norms are expected to kick in.
  3. Westinghouse files Bankruptcy - westing house , a Nuclear reactor supplier has filed a Bankruptcyin USA. It is supposed supply nuclear reactors at Kovvada in AP.






Topic of the day to work out : National mental health bill , BSIII and BS IV







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