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My Notes and My Video 03-April-2017 03-04-2017

Dear students

Please follow my notes and my video date 03 April 2017

03 April 2017

Article: Sharpen the focus on growth

Context:falling economic growth in india

Questions to think: why indian economic growth is falling? what is the way out?


CSO advanced estimates indicate a fall in growth rate. The growth rate of GVA is expected to be 6.7% in 2016-17 as agains the 7.8% in 2015-16. The major reasons for this are

  1. Fall in investments
  2. Rise in Incremental capital output ratio

A vicious cycle fall in investments, low growth and rise in ICOR is being created in India. The major reasons for this are stalled projects, Twin balance sheet syndrome. It refers to weak corporate balance sheets leading to weak balance sheets of banks. If revival has to happen, the following steps are crucial.

  1. Revival of investment cycle – if Private sector is not coming forward, public sector shall take the lead.
  2. Issue of stalled projects and policy paralysis need to be addressed.
  3. NPAs of banks are a major bottleneck for financial intermediation and capital growth.  Asset reconstruction companies need to be planned and taken forward.
  4. Long term lending institutions need to be revived.

Words to remember:

  1. 1.      ICAR : It refers to the capital required to produce an unit of output. If it is high it indicates an inefficient economy. Simplification of procedures, speed up of delivery system, enlargement of competition can reduce ICOR.
  2. 2.      Twin Balance sheet problem.
  3. 3.      Policy paralysis

Carry home points:

India has to work for resurgence of its growth cycle by rising confidence of the private sector.


Article:Digital push must be disability inclusive

Context:digital access to the disabled.

Questions to think: what are the steps to be taken to increase access to disabled? What are the provisions in the case of disabilities act?


Today, making ICT accessible is no longer an option but a necessity. Poor accessibility will exclude people from the development. In this context, persons with disabilities act 2016 mandates incorporation of universal design principles while designing electronic and digital frameworks. Planning accessibility at the early stages is also cost effective. The act also has punitive actions for non compliance.

India also has to strive to ensure disability sensitive development agenda. To achieve this, there shall be synergy between various arms of the Government. So, accessible India campaign shall be the part of every program.

Words to remember : disability sensitive development, universal design principles.

Carry home points : accessibility to the disabled is a cross cutting theme across all problems in india. So, India also shall look forward for disability inclusive development.



Article: Wine and whimper

Context: SC of india has recently banned the sale of liquor along the highways.

Questions to think:what are the reasons for the SC to ban alcohol sales across the highways?


SC of india has banned the liquor sales across the highways. It mean that liquor shall not be sold with in 500m distance form the highway. Later it has stated, ban also covers retail outlets, hotels and bars too.

Tougher laws also need an effective implementation. If a law fails at implementation it leads to an habit of violation making people to loose respect for rule of law. Tougher laws do not make up for weak enforcement. They worsen the situation of rule of law in a country.

Added to this. Order can lead to a huge loss to the states like Goa, Puducherry. Many of the states are finding a way to circumscribe the order by declaring highways as the urban roads. It exempts them from the SC order.

Words to remember:

Carry home Points:  strong laws can not be a replacement for weak enforcement.


Article: coping with summer

Context: rising temperatures and management of heat wave

Questions to think : why heat waves are increasing in India.

Notes: Heat waves are increasing in india due to rising sea surface temperatures and green house gases. NDMA and IMD have developed heat action plan protocols. It needs a close coordination between civil authorities and public health institutions for better results.

Words/examples/case studies to remember: green and blue urban spaces to provide tree shade and higher moisture is practiced in USA and Europe.

Albedo effect :

Carry home points : disaster management shall gear up for the heat waves.



Article: India must reaffirm its Paris pledge

Context: USA president TRUMP is trying to reverse the steps taken by president Obama to fight climate change.

Questions to think : what are the implications of TRUMPS actions on climate change on India?

Notes:Trumps executive order is centred around review of US clean power plan that intends to cutdown power from coal and to shift to renewable energies. It will increase social cost of carbon and makes fight against climate change direction less.

Paris climate change talks and agreement are based on virtuous cycle of trust and commitments made by the nations. This can be broken and no country will be willing to take the commitments forward. It will lead to a vicious cycle.

India on the other hand being a nation vulnerable for climate change shall work towards strengthening Paris agreement. Added to this, If India’s National goals on renewable energy are considered, they are way above the commitments it made at Paris conference.

Words/examples/case studies to remember: social cost of carbon. USA clean power plan.

Carry home points : India’s interests are best served if the world adheres to Paris climate change pact.




  1. Judgment day soon for China-backed Myanmar project – A Government appointed commission is going to make a recommendation on the fate of china financed Myitsone dam across the Irrawaddy river in Myanmar.
  2. Swap terrorism for tourism,Modi tells Kashmiri youth :
  3. India has opened country’s longest tunnel - Prime Minister Modi opened 9.2km long Chenani – Nashri all weather tunnel and it will reduce the travel time between Srinagar and Jammu by 2 hrs.
  4. Government will help reduce the pending cases using technology - Prime Minister Modi said at the 150th anniversary celebration of Allahabad High court.



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