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Article : finally, actin on bad loans

Context : NPA s of the banks.

Questions to think – is bad management and Government control are the only issues to be blamed for banks NPAs?


Stressed assets of the banks – NPAs, restructured loans, unrecognised bad loans account for 16% of all loans and 20% of loans at PSBs. Blaming excessive government control, corruption and management do not give complete diagnosis of the problem. So, Bank Boards Bureau, bad bank  can not solve the problem completely. BBB indeed added another layer in decision making.

Bad loan problem is an economic problem and not of a question of morality. Most of the crisis has its seeds sown in the growth phase of India in 2000-2006. Bulk of the problem is caused by the economic environment, exchange rates and growth rate assumptions going wrong. So, the way forward is

  1. Banks must beMinsitry empowered to resolve the relatively small number of bad loans that are huge to be written off. Bank Boards shall be authorised to do or a loan resolution authority shall be constituted by an act of Parliament.
  2. Government shall reinfuse the capital in to banks. This helps the banks to grow their loan portfolio at a brisk rate.
  3. Boards of PSU banks need to be revamped to bring in qualified directors.

Words/case studies to remember : write offs, Loan resolution authority.

Carry home points: empowering management and strengthening governance at public banks, capital infusion are critical for bad loan problem.



Article : Ethnic pressures and a fragile peace.

Context : political challenges in Manipur

Questions to think: what are the issues of the day in Manipur?


Manipur has distinctive set of problems due to its demographic composition.

  1. Creation of new districts are opposed by the Nagas but supported by Kukis.
  2. Meitis who form the 60% of population occupy only 10% of the land and are demanding for an inner permit line.
  3. Nagas are in support of Greater Nagaland. NSCN(IM) is talking of it through framework agreement.

NSCN(I-M) general secretary T.Muivah said the framework agreement “recognises the unique his-tory, the identity, the sovereignty,the territories of the Nagas. It also recognises the legitimate right of the Nagas to integration of all naga territories.”

  1. NSCN ( Khaplang) faction has already broken the ceasefire agreement. Many other factions are not ready to recognise the leadership of NSCN(IM) for negotiating naga problem.

Words/case studies to remember : Inner line permit, shared sovereignty. 

Carry home points : tangled web of problems faces the new Government in Manipur.




Article : Welcome assurance

Context : pending cases

Questions to think : how backlog cases in courts need to be solved?


Prime Minister Modi and CJI J.S.Khehar at 150th Anniversary spoke of fighting back backlog cases in Judiciary. It is critical for strong rule of law situation in the country. Use of technology, cooperative attitude between Executive and Judiciary are essential to address the task.

Words/case studies to remember: judiciary – executive cooperation.

Carry home points  :

1.  Judiciary – executive cooperation is critical for solving various issues related to rule of law in India.

2. Use of technology and digitalisation in the Judicial system is necessary for reducing the backlog.



Article : Back to  the Bahujan model?

Context : appeal to Dalits

Questions to think : why BSP based on Dalit assertiveness is losing in elections?

Notes :

Politics immediately after independence promised Dalits an assimilation  in to National mainstream. BSP has changed this narrative in to dalit assertiveness. During Kanshi ram era, ideological mobilisation, organisational infrastructure and political assertiveness coexisted together. BSP projected as a rainbow coalition of all sub altern groups. Later, party has made many experiments on social engineering front. In the process, core identity started diluting.

In addition to the above, developmental agenda has taken over the identity politics.

Words/case studies to remember : identity based politics. Ideological mobilisation

Carry home points  :  ideology, developmental politics are finding an upper hand over identity politics in India.



  1. 1.      African Envoys seek UN probe in to Noida attacks.
  2. 2.      IISc has ranked as best in overall ranking of institutions.
  3. 3.      PMs Israel trip – india is looking for buying AWACS, Heron TP UAV,
  4. 4.      Defence Ministry gave nod to buy surface to air Barak missiles from Israel.
  5. 5.      Global initiate launched on fake news – The news integrity initiative is launched by Facebook, ford foundation and Mozilla to increase the credibility of the news circulated on internet. Recently in France, international media outlets supported by google started a platform called cross check – a fact checking platform to highlight fake news and information asymmetry. 


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