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Article: A New Delhi chapter for Sheikh Hasina

Context: Sheikh Hasina visit to India.

Questions to think : what are the issues between India and Bangladesh?


India and Bangladeshrelations have entered in to a new growth trajectory after signing of land and maritime boundary agreements between the countries. Still certain major issues are remaining . The are

  1. Teesta river water agreement
  2. Increasing defence trade of china with Bangladesh. India is asking for a defence cooperation agreement with Bangladesh and it is politically sensitive for Sheikh Hasina who is accused of Pro Indianess in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina has to convince the people that deal is signed based on the sovereign equality.

Words/examples/definitions/case studies :

Carry home points : expectations are high on Prime Minister  Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India.


Article: Painting it all back

Context: demonetisation

Questions to think: why did demonetisation failed to unearth black money as stated?


Demonetisation has led to increased deposits in the banks. But, all the money deposited need not be black Money. The reasons is most of the Money could be cash in hand held by the companies or household. As India is predominantly involved with cash transactions, most of the SMEs and households would be holding money in cash for daily operations.

n india tax base is still very low, it need to be addressed. Added to that, tax concessions to be reduced to increase tax net.

Words/examples/case studies

Carry home points : india has to work towards widening tax base.


Article:  Never ending tragedy

Context: chemical attack in Idlib, Syria

Questions to think: what is the way out for Syrian crisis


Syrian regime has recently used chemical weapons against its own people in Idlib province. It has a dubious history of using chemical weapons before. It is a breach of international treaties it has signed. USA and Russia have clearly agreed to remove chemical weapons from Syria. Inspite of this from where did syria is able to procure the chemical weapons is a big question.

Russia’s blanket support, regional power play between Iran and Saudi Arabia making Syrian crisis prolonged and complicated. The only way forward to end humanitarian crisis is to end the war.

Words/examples/case studies Organisation for elimination of chemical weapons

Carry home points : The real crisis in Syria is that its regime is acting with impunity.


Article: In largesse we trust

Context: loan waivers to farmers

Questions to think: farm loan waivers – are they  financially prudent?


In the last week, newly elected UP Government has offered loan waivers to the farmers. In Tamil Nadu Madras high court also has ordered for the same. Major challenges in implementing loan waivers are

  1. It leads to credit indiscipline and harm the banking sector. To averse risk, banks can invest in safe funds like Rural infrastructure development fund to meet their agricultural lending targets.
  2. Good politics are bad  economics. Fiscal prudence of the states gets derailed.
  3. Emphasis on making agriculture as a sustainable activity will lose focus. Funds meant for insurance, market development will be diverted for loan waivers.

Words/examples/case studies : RIDF

Carry home points : Loan waivers fits the theme – good politics are bad economics.


Op Ed


Article: raring to leave?

Context: Gibraltar status as Brexit moves forward.

Questions to think: what are the complications Brexit process is expected to face?

Notes: Gibraltar is an area of conflict between UK and Spain. People of Gibraltar voted to remain in UK. It s status as a territory of Uk got formalised as UK entered in to EU. It is a tax heaven and its wealth depends on UK remaining in EU. After Brexit, companies can move our form Gibraltar to Luxembourg.

Added to this, lack of consultation with Gibraltars, threats of military action if necessary by British nationalists are complicating the matter.

Words/case studies/examples:

Carry home points: Brexit will be a complicated process for UK. Scotland, Gibraltar , Northern uIreland are expected to flare up.


Article: AIDS Free by 2030, india included.

Context: UNSC passed a resolution on AIDS and HIV

Questions to think: what shall be done to end HIV/AIDS menace?

Notes: There are important developments in India’s fight against HIV/AIDS. These are

  1. NACP IV phase is largely(2/3rd) is financed from the domestic sources. Previous phases are dependant on foreign funding.
  2. Fight against AIDS and HIV is integrated in to the health related systems. NACP-III has got merged in to the BRHM in 2010.

Added to this, to reach the goal of AIDS free India by 2030, it shall increase funds for fight against AIDS and Public awareness generation shall be the ficus area.


Words of the day:

Ethnic centrism : Ethnocentrism  refers  to people’s  tendency  to  use their  own  beliefs,  values and standards as reference points  to  judge  others’  beliefs,  values  and  standards as morally wrong, inferior, or  simply  incorrect  (for  instance, ancient Greeks and Romans believed all others to  be  “barbarians”). 




  1. North Korea is expected to top agenda in meeting between President Xi and Trump.
  2. China is looking Dalai lama visit to Tibet as political rather than spiritual and is opposing the same.
  3. Rail regulator authority got the green signal.

a)      Functions : rail regulator will be responsible for recommending passenger fares, setting performance standards forrail operations and cresting level playing policy for private sector participation.

b)      Composition: The Authority will have aChairman and three members with a fixed term of five years and will be allowed to engage experts from various fields. “The RDA will be an independent body with separate budget. The independence is ensured through separate budget, appointment and removal process,”

c)      Committed recommended for the same: Dr. Bibek DebroyCommittee on mobilisation of Resources for Major Rail-way Projects and Restructuring of Railway Ministry in2015, the National TransportDevelopment Policy Committee (NTDPC) in 2014 andExpert Group under theChairmanship of Dr. RakeshMohan in 2001.

  1. BC commission set to get constitutional status: The Union government  introduced anew Bill in the Lok Sabha that seeks to accord constitutional status to the BackwardClasses Commission, which now has only statutory powers.


In a first, foreign Buyer bids for SME IPO : IPO form Bohra industries got a bid from FII amounting to almost 35% of issue size.





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