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Article: Friendship is a flowing river

Context: Prime Minister sheikh Hasina visit to India

Questions to think: what are the bonds that connect India and Bangladesh?


India and Bangladesh have a common culture and heritage. They are connected by rivers, language, poets and ways of life. India also played an important role in liberation of Bangladesh. It had built a global support in favour of Bangladesh liberation movement across the nations and became a home for refugees.

History is always in favour of friendship between the nations.  Tenure of Awami league in 1996 led to the Ganges water treaty between the nations. Similarly, land boundary agreement has also come in to existence. There are few more river water sharing agreements that have to be taken forward.

Poverty is the greatest enemy of the people in south Asian region. To fight this, cooperation between the countries and connectivity are crucial.

Words/case studies/examples/reports: operation search light of Pakistan, world genocide day, Ganges water treaty, Chittagong hill tracts peace treaty.

Carry home points: India and Bangladesh can together achieve many things that are beneficial to the people of both Nations.


Article: Growth with caveats

Context: Monetary policy review of 2017-18

Questions to think: what are the biggest challenges to the banking sector in India?


Monetary policy committee has decided to raise the reverse repo rate by 25 basis points to 6% to absorb the excessive liquidity. Draining excess liquidity entered in to the banks due to demonetisation is a major challenge to RBI. If it is not corrected Inflation control is going to be a greater challenge. Lack of disinflationary forces like low oil prices, introduction of GST etc are making the situation more challenging.

RBO also has projects good growth prospects of 7.4% over 6.7% in 2016-17 by GVA. Here the challenges are

  1. Bad loans of banks ( RBI is bringing in a new prompt corrective action framework)
  2. Recapitalisation of banks – ( demand for investment is expected to rise)
  3. Small savings rates need to be cut to transfer the benefits of rte cuts by RBI to the end customer.
  4. Loan waivers that cause credit indiscipline need to be avoided.

Words/case studies/examples/reports: accommodative monetary stance to Neutral monetary stance.

Carry home points: India is expected to move towards higher growth path. Inflation can be a challenge to address.


Article: Barbarism Unlimited

Context: attacks by cow vigilantes

Questions to think:  can rule of law be subjected to whims and fancies of the Government in power?


Recent attacks in Rajasthan by cow vigilantes shows declining law and order situation due to actions of fringe groups in the states. It need to be emphasised that a Government can not afford to be blind to these developments as hatred has no ends.

Words/case studies/examples/reports:

Carry home points: There is a pattern emerging in cow vigilantism.


Article: Is there a racism in India?

Context: Attacks against African students in India

Questions to think: how shall India fight its prejudices based on culture,colour?



In India there is a deep rooted prejudice and stereotypes based on colour. It has its roots in hierarchical caste system. As like colour, people are also divided in to binaries as good and bad.


Historically if observed India has accepted diversity and was sympathetic to victims of religious and racial persecution. Racism in a country shall be Judged by the collective consciousness of larger masses. In India, people are willing to accept diversity and isolated incidents of violence shall not be branded as racism. It shall be agreed that there is a huge disconnect between academic discourse on the matter and social reality.

Way forward

Education from school level can fight stereotyping of gender, race, religion in the country. Social system also shall gear up to fight the same.

Words/case studies/examples/reports:

Carry home points: India as a Nation is against to racism from pre independent days. It is part of our nationbudding and constitutional exercise.


Article: Suicide isn t a criminal act

Context: National mental health care bill

Questions to think: does right to life in India has Right to death


National mental health care bill has decriminalised a failed suicide. SC of India in Rathnam vs Union of india case held that laws shall be humanised to provide care to the people attempted for suicide. The goal shall be to prevent a person from trying the act again.

SC of India later revised its opinions on right to death in Gina Kaur case and  held that right to life does not include right to death.

Words/case studies/examples/reports: right to death

Carry home points: In India, today suicide is decriminalised.



  1. 1.      SC of india proposes Joint trial of Babri cases : As of now two sets of cases relating to demolition of Babri masjid are pending before the courts . The first involved unknown Karasevaks in Lucknow court and second is in Rae Bareli court relate to VVIPs accused of inflammatory speeches. A Bench of Justices P.C.Ghose and Rohinton Nariman hinted that the court would invoke its extraordinary constitutional powers under Article 142 to transfer the pending trial in a Raebareli magistrate court and club it with criminal proceedings in the Lucknow CBI courtagainst “lakhs of un-known karsevaks.” The court indicated that it would order the CBI court to conduct time-bound trial and complete it in two years.

(Art 142 of the constitution : according to this, SC may pass any decree or order as is necessary for doing complete Justice in any case or matter pending before it. )


  1. 2.      RBI chief hits out at farm loan waiver : RBI chief Urjit Patel expressed concerns about loan waivers and cautioned that it will disturb the Reddit discipline in the country. So, a consensus is necessary on this matter across the political spectrum.

It also increases the cost of borrowing for the Government and it in turn adversely impact private investment.




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