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Article: Eat, pray, love: the Hindutva template

Context: cow vigilantism

Questions to think: what are the threats to pluralism in India?


UP Government has recently banned cow slaughter. Many of the states also have passed laws that protect cow vigilantes from prosecution. There is an open promotion of vegetarianism from cultural and religious dimension.

Above actions make Indian society  a binary in food habits. In sociological sense, fundamentalism about food can be as dangerous as other. It is a question to Indian pluralistic culture and diversity.


Words/examples/case studies to remember: fundamentalism,

Carry home points:

  1. 1.       law and governance are progressive movements towards Justice. They can not be just rhetorical acts.
  2. 2.      Plurality of religious views in public life shall not lose out for Puritanism of a particular religion.


Article: An echo of the French past

Context: elections in France

Questions to think: can charismatic leaders be successful administrators?


Rise of Emmanuel Macron in French politics closely resembles the rise of Giscard D estaing in 1970s. Though he is successful in electioneering, lack of experience, ability to keep group and supporters intact made him a failure in administration.

During crisis phase , people look for a change in leadership and hope and dynamism attract them. Later, people expectations becomes a liability for a new leader. There will be a constant pressure to deliver. Failure happens at such a juncture.

Words/examples/case studies to remember: charismatic leadership

Carry home points; charismatic leadership always rises expectations of people and gives them a hope. Delivering to these is always a challenge.


Article: His Mugabe Movement

Context: power struggle in South Africa

Questions to think: what are the challenges to democracy in Africa?


South African president Jacob Zumas authoritative style of functioning is destabilizing African National congress. Higher levels of corruption, ailing economyare the major challenges country is facing. There is a clear decline in the quality of governance and institutional integrity in South Africa.

Since its early post-apartheid years, South Africa enjoyed the benefits of a strong constitutional ethos and a vibrant civil society. So, the present power grab of president zuma and corruption is attracting a strong societal reaction and popular resistance.

Words/examples/case studies to remember:

Carry home points; South Africa needs a second revolution aimed at discovering the kind of leadership that puts people First.


Article: Track to efficiency

Context: Rail development Authority

Questions to think: In India, regulatory, developmental and operational functions are performed by  railway board. Added to this, private sector is discouraged from participating more effectively due to monopolistic framework. National Transport Development PolicyCommittee noted in 2014, the centralization of all functions in the Railway Board has proved detrimental to the organization’s growth.

So, Rail development authority shall work towards

  1. Efficient utilization of resources.
  2. Shall facilitate non budgetary investment in the railways.
  3. Attraction of private investments in to rail sector.
  4. Attracting new traffic and business opportunities.


Words/examples/case studies to remember: In Europe, separation of Infrastructure from operations is quite successful.

Carry home points; Rail development authority is an important step in rising functional standards in railways.



There are glaring inequities in our social system

Opinions expressed

  1. 1.      India is a resilient but faltering democracy : it is majorly due to repeated use of caste, religion and regional sentiments in the selection of candidates and the pervading influence of money and muscle power.
  2. 2.      Parliament’s work is being taken up by courts and constitutional equilibrium is upset.
  3. 3.      Media, supposed to be the custodian of freedom and democracy has been hijacked by corporates.
  4. 4.      There is a question mark on the stability of Institutions that have underpinned democracy.
  5. 5.      Democracy is also about the widest possible representation. But major challenge to democracy is to achieve greater social Justice and economic equality.
  6. 6.      Democracy in any country is linked to the quality of leadership. Leadership in ademocracy is about bonding,the ability to bind people to a cause, communication, empathy, espousing the popularsensitivities at a given pointin time.

RTI : RTI has become a principal reason for paralysis in decision making in the Government.


SC seeks response on plea for reining in cow vigilantes : Many of the state Governments have enacted laws to prohibit cow slaughter and they provided a shield to the people who protect them. This in turn led to the rise of cow vigilantism.


Investment rising in equity-linked schemes : India is witnessing a structural shift in savings pattern from physical to financial assets class. This trend is encouraging but still investments related to




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