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Article: clarity and facts on the ground

Context: Aadhar and Right to Privacy.

Questions to think: what are the impacts of delay of Judgements in constitutional cases?

Notes: In Aadhar case, three Judge bench has recommended the case for constitutional bench to verify the matters of right to privacy. Even though the aadhar is becoming entrenched in our day to day life there is no clear action from the Supreme Court.  By not acting swiftly it is virtually deciding in favor of the Government and it can create a surveillance state in India.

Words/Examples/case studies:

Carry home points:

  1. Delays in constitutional Judgement can have perilous consequences on fundamental rights.
  2. Fundamental law will be frustrated if it denies privileges of the constitution for a long time under an invalid law.
  3. Delay in constitutional Judgements can make their impact permanent. It would have irreversible consequences.


Article: Stepping up to a shared potential

Context: India-Australia relations, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visit to India.

Questions to think: what are the potential dimensions India – Australia relations are expected to grow?


India – Australia are seeing a new potential on trade, defence relations and Knowledge partnership.

  1. On trade front two way trade is growing and is to the tune of $20bn.
  2. India and Australia are Joining in to a knowledge partnership on skill building of Indians.
  3. Security and stability of Indo – Pacific is fundamental to both the countries and engagement need to be strengthened.
  4. Indian community is Australia is growing and acting as an anchor for the relations between the countries.

Words/Examples/case studies:

Carry home points: Australia and India relations have strategic, educational and trade dimensions.


Article: A reckless intervention

Context: American air strike on Syria

Questions to think:



American missile attack on Syrian airbase in the aftermath of chemical attack in Idli can have long term consequences for geo politics. US and Russia have come in open confrontation on the matter.

Added to this, questions of legality also remain. UN charter clearly states that any attack on another country needs security council approval unless it is an act of self defence.

In this context, it will escalate the matters further and worsen the condition of Syrians. USA could have waited for the report on chemical attacks and also explored the option of peace process backed by Russia and Turkey.


Words/Examples/case studies:

Carry home points:

  1. An American air strike on Syria raises questions o legality and purpose.
  2. No quick fixes are possible in diplomacy.


Article: None for the road

Context: SC ban on alcohol sales on highways.

Questions to think: what are the consequences of Supreme court ban on liquor sales on Highways?


After the SC banned sale of alcohol with in 500m form National and state highways, many of the states have downgraded national and state highways in to urban roads or major district roads. It may worsen road safety further as local governments have no resources or expertise to manage them.

It also have badly effected revenues of the states and tourism. So, Supreme Court shall take a relook on this matter.

Words/Examples/case studies:

Carry home points: SC ban on liquor sales with in 500m distance of national and state highways had many consequences for Jobs, tourism , revenues of the state. It is a clear action of judicial activism.



Article: stirring up the nuclear pot

Context: declining role of Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons

Questions to think: what do you think Nuclear weapons future role can be in global affairs?

Notes: Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy  are slowly losing momentum because of the following reasons.

  1. Threat of non state actors.
  2. It s deterrence capabilities have got discredited.
  3. Safety concerns
  4. Growing emphasis on non proliferation.
  5. Lack of profits in nuclear reactor business – Bankruptcy of westing house.
  6. Growing emphasis on non conventional renewable energy sources.

Words/Examples/case studies:

Carry home points:



  1. States pan ‘politicisation’ of Governor’s role : At Inter state council meet states have expressed that
    1. Governors office shall be qualified, Non partisan and above politics.
    2. There shall be clear priority in calling chief ministers.
    3. There shall be cooling off period in appointing retired Bureaucrats, Judges as governors.
    4. There shall be a clear time limit to prove Majority for the Government on floor of the house.
    5. There shall be eligibility criteria for the post of the governor.
    6. Indian team in U.S. fordefence technology talks : A Defence Ministry delegation is in the U.S. to discuss the entire range of cooperation under the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative(DTTI).


  1. Russia — a forgotten trade partner?

India Russian trade relations haven t seen a growth and they are stuck at $6bn. Economic liberalization and break down of USSR have undermined the trade relations. In 2010 though both countries elevated their bilateral strategic partnership to special and privileged partnership, it did not help much for the growth of trade.

  1. Expeditious implantation of North-south transport corridor, launch of green corridor projects for customs facilitation can improve the situation.
  2. Direct gas delivery from Russia to India and operationalization of the proposed %1bn fund through National investment and infrastructure fund, trading in local currencies can improve the trade volumes.
  3. India also shall emphasize on trade in pharma, IT/ITES, Heath care – where it has traditional strengths.
  4. India-Eurasian economic union FTA would provide opportunities for india and Russia for regional cooperation and development.


Is India losing its gold fetish?

India s gold imports are decreasing form the last 4 years. The major reasons are

  1. Gold is losing its allure as an investment is fading.
  2. Government crackdown on unaccounted money, PAN requirements for Jewellery purchases have discourage the buyers.
  3. Gold is no more a inflation hedge as RBI is targeting inflation to the range of 4-6%.



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