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Article :At home in India

Context :racial attacks on African students in India

Questions to think: Is discrimination met to certain people be equated with racism?

Notes :

India as a country celebrates diversity. But, there are discriminatory social practices like casteism are existing in our country. IS casteism can be equated with racism is a matter of debate. Racism is a collective prejudice of a society on a group of people based on a particular attribute related to their birth.

In educational institutions India need to have a strong institutional mechanisms to enable students to settle down and flourish. There shall be attention to their personal needs which range from housing to food. It is lacking as of now.

India was able to drive away ethnocentrism through a progressive constitution and visionary leadership. Its language policy is an example for this. In civilizational perspective, India is been place for all migrants from different regions.

Words/cases/indices to remember:

Carry home points: Gandhi was inspired by western thinkers such as Henry david Thoreau, JohnRuskin.



Article : A damning Indictment

Context : cancellation of By election in RK nagar

Questions to think: what steps election commission shall take to decrease role of money power in elections.

Notes : Election commission of India has cancelled by election in RK nagar, Tamilnadu due to distribution of money to the voters. It has explained that it can invite disqualification of the candidates contesting election.

If public confidence in the democratic process is to be restored, the EC must ensure that candidate indulging in such electoral practices shall be debarred swiftly.

Words/cases/indices to remember:

Carry home points: Election commission of India shall develop stronger mechanisms to verify the election expenses of the candidates. 



Article :Transformative visit

Context : Prime Minister of Bangladesh sheikh Hasina’s  visit to India

Questions to think: What are the issues between India and Bangladesh that need to be resolved?

Notes : India and Bangladesh had broadened cooperation on terrorism and framework for land swap and water sharing arrangements during Manmohan singh era. It got cemented further in the present visit of Prime Minister sheikh hasina. There are 22 agreements in total signed and another 14 in field of private investments and MOUs. The most significant is the MOU on Defence. Defence exchanges, joint military exercises, high level defence visits can be made possible through this.

India extended $5bn credit line to Bangladesh and connectivity choices are being explored. India has a bipartisan support for its relations with Bangladesh.

Words/cases/indices to remember:

Carry home points: better relations with Bangladesh will benefit North eastern states.



Article : Mind the treatment gap

Context : The mental health care bill, 2016

Questions to think: what are the challenges to mental health care bill implementation in India?

Notes :

  1. Human Resources : Mental health care professionals are very few in India and mental illness are increasing. There are .30 psychiatrists,.17nurses for 1lakh mentally ill patients.
  2. Finances – In India health care sector itself receives 1.2% of GDP and among that mental health has lowest allocations.
  3. Social stigma : Mental health in india suffers from social stigma and no community centric health system was developed.
  4. Lack of concern for rights of the patients in institutional care. Added to this, rampant neglect and unchecked inhuman practices makes it complicated.

Words/cases/indices to remember:

Carry home points: Mental health care bill need to be supported with resources both human and financial resources.



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