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14 April 2017

The Hindu

Article :Courting faith and reason

Context: protection of cow and constitutionality

Notes :

During constitutional debates, initially there was no mention of protection of mulching animals under DPSP. At the insistence of right wing, Ambedkar has agreed to place protection of cattle as part of  DPSP from the economic perspective. It mean that agriculture and animal husbandry are critical  for rural economy and so state shall take the steps to protect the same. So, directives given under art 48 are not religious but are economical.

Supreme Court of India also have settled the matter in 1959 in Mohammed Hanif Qureshi vs state of Bihar case, it held that a harmonious interpretation has to be placed on the constitution. It means that state shall implement the directive principles but it shall be done in such a way that it shall not takeaway or abridge the fundamental rights. Later in 2005, SC has allowed the states to impose a ban on cow slaughter.

Words / case studies : Normalization of deviance : people with in the organisation become so much accustomed to a deviant behaviour that they don t consider it as deviant, despite the fact that they far exceed their own rules for the elementary safety”.

Carry home points : Art 48 of the constitution states that : The State shall endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting theslaughter, of cows and calves andother milch and draught cattle.”




Article : Raising the Syria stakes

Context: USA attack on Syrian airbase

Notes : USA attack on Syria can be based on following calculations.

  1. It might be looking for the support of traditional friends of USA who are disappointed due to lack of action from it on syria.
  2. President Trump might be getting under the influence of globalist/conservatives in establishment who see Russia as the biggest enemy for USA.

By and large USA did not have a coherent strategy on Syria and administration is ill prepared to deal with the political consequences of the strike. European allied are also divided on sanctions against Russia. Relations with Russia got worsened. It has altered  political atmosphere drastically.

Words / case studies

Carry home points : USA attack on Syrian airbase has complicated the exiting situation.


Article : On a glide path

Context: Oil Marketing companies have initiated a pilot project to adjust the petrol prices on a daily basis.

Notes : Daily adjustment of petrol prices completes the shift of India to market mechanisms in determining prices of Petrol and Diesel. These are de administered in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Since than prices are determined on a fortnight basis. Now, a shift towards daily adjustment is considered. Advantages with this are

  1. Private sector oil companies can better compete with public sector companies.
  2. Economy gets well integrated with the global financial and commodity markets.

Words / case studies : administered price mechanisms to Market determined price mechanisms.

Carry home points : Adjusting fuel prices daily at petrol stations is along overdue reform.


Article : Populist’s return

Context: Iran elections

Notes : Iran has a complex political system and is an Islamic republic with supreme leader at the top of the affairs of the nation. He has to protect religious integrity of the nation. Ali Khamenei is the present supreme leader of the Nation.

At the political level President is the head of the Government. Mr. Ahmedinejad, former president of Iran, a conservative has shown his interest in contesting upcoming elections. On the other side liberals headed president Hassan Rouhani who championed for a deal with west is also interested to contest again. As of now, the most powerful conservativecandidate is EbrahimRaisi, a close ally of AyatollahKhamenei and a clear favourite of the clerical establishment.

Elections in Iran and their outcome will determine the fate of Iran Nuclear deal.

Words / case studies : Theocracy

Carry home points : Political Uncertainty is gripping Iran and Iran Nuclear deal is caught between conservatives and liberals.


Do we need a film censor?

Pro : Art 19(2) of the constitution clearly lay the limitations on freedom of speech and expression on the basis of sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state,friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency ormorality or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offense.

Cinema is a very powerful medium. The combination of speech and sight and action in the semi-darkenvironment of  a theatre can impact viewers in ways we can-not even imagine. So, it has to be regulated before it is presented to viewers. But the committee regulating cinema shall consist of people from cinema world.

Cons : regulation and censorship of the cinema is a differential treatment to cinema compared to other media and forms of expression. It violates freedom of speech and limits artistic expression. Added to that, It considers Movie goers as innocents and Nanny state aims to take responsibility for the same. So, CBFC shall act as a certification agency with no powers to ban or censor any film. Like west we should also have a child centric certification.

Article : Like the LaGrand brothers

Context: Pakistan death sentence to Mr.Jadhav

Notes : Article 36 of the Vienna Convention allows consularofficers the right to access,converse and correspondwith nationals in prison,custody or detention and arrange private legal representation — a lawyer ofthe nationals’ own choice—to defend them duringtrial.

Words / case studies

Carry home points



  1. 1.       Right to access Internet cannot be curtailed, says SC : Supreme Court observed that the fundamental right of expression includes “the right to be informed and the right to know and the feeling of protection of expansive connectivity” the Internet offers on the click of a button.The court clarified that a general prohibition on all online content about pre-natal sex determination will curtail the fundamental right to know of a genuineinformation-seeker. It held The prohibition should kick in only if the content found on-line is violative of Section 22(prohibition of advertisement relating to pre-nataldetermination of sex) underthe Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques(Prohibition of Sex Selection)(PCPNDT) Act of 1994.
  2. 2.       RBI tightens norms on bank performance: RBI has brought a revised prompt corrective action framework for banks. These are based on capital. NPAs, profitability and leverage ratio.




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