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My Notes 15-April-2017 15-04-2017

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Please follow my notes and my video - date 15th Apr 2017

Article : Cross signals across the Himalayas

Context :recent visit of Dalailama to Arunachal Pradesh

Notes:China has floated an idea of integrated National security concept. It has introduced certain red lines, that china would never compromise its interests and called them as core national interests. China has repeatedly referred to the issues concern with Tibet as core interests. China has deep seated concerns about increasing political instability in Xinjiang and Tibet.

India and China signed an agreement on  political parameters and guiding principles for settlement of India and china boundary issues. In this, it is clearly stated that areas with settled population would not be effected in any exchange. Tawang tract is a deeply populated region on Indian side.

China is becoming assertive and it is rooted in its strategic insecurity and is reviving Chinese exceptionalism. Rising military muscle and one belt, one road initiative are examples of this assertiveness and exceptionalism. India is only the country that hasn t joined yet in OBOR. India need to be careful.

Words/ case studies :

Carry home points : India must realize that China is no longer willing to remain a status quo power.


Article : Doctors under siege

Context :attacks on doctors and medical health professionals

Notes:There are many reasons for rise in attacks on doctors.

  1. It appears that these attacks are symptomatic of a larger malaise, manifested in ageneral increase in violence as a method of demonstrating power.
  2. Loss of faith in institutions and sense of marginalization.
  3. Lack of understanding of limitations of science.
  4. Non availability of quality health care in Government hospitals, commercialization of health care are giving a sense of alienation for people from the system.

To fight this,

  1. Quality of health care need to be improved with better infrastructure.
  2. Communication channels with patients need to be improved. People committees in hospitals, constant audit on working hours of doctors, appointment of social workers in emergency wards can improve the situation.

Words/ case studies :

Carry home points : quality of care in the public hospitals and improved social communication can address the problem of attacks against doctors.


Article : Blunt pointers

Context : recent by elections

Notes:BJP has retained its position as a largest gainer in recent by polls held in Rajasthan, West Bengal and Karnataka. Dangerous signs are for the Left parties which are fast loosing their political space in  West Bengal.

Words/ case studies :

Carry home points : BJP is no longer a party confined to Hindi belt alone, it is now national character.


Article : cool Minds

Context : Tensions in Korean Peninsula .

Notes: Tensions in Korean Peninsula are escalating. USA -North Korea confrontation is deepening and US has already deployed its aircraft carrier to the regions and North Koreans have threatened nuclear retaliation. China has warned that storm is about to break.

USA has already deployed THAAD radars and Missiles in the region and It escalated the differences between South Korea and China. Efforts need to be done to deescalate the tensions.

Words/ case studies :

Carry home points : De-escalation, not deal-making, is needed to reduce tensions in the Korean Peninsula.



  1. 1.       India seeks access to Jadhav
  2. 2.       Allahabad HC becomes ‘pilotproject’ for case backlog study
  3. 3.       BHIM-Aadhaar will be an economic giant: PM
  4. 4.       Judicial opinion  on  personal laws  needs review:  Jaitley

Centre has asked sc to review whether personal laws can be consider as a law under Art 13 of the constitution. If Supreme Court upholds it, any personal law if violative of fundamental rights it becomes null and void.

Centre also has recently argued that polygamy and Triple Talaq are not religious practices but social norms and customs  which can be intervened on by the state if they are found to be violative of constitutional rights.




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