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My Notes 17-April-2017 17-04-2017

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Article : Outrageous defiance

Context : Justice Karnan s summons to CJI and 6 Judges of Supreme Court.

Notes : Justice Karnans episode is the biggest challenge to collegium system and is also testing the limits of collegium system. The only way left forward is removal and is a political process. It also exposes the weakness of Judicial accountability system in India.

The way forward is to strengthen the accountability frameworks for judiciary and improving Transparency in appointment process of Judges.

Words/case studies to remember :

Carry home points : How to infuse Judicial accountability with out compromising Judicial  autonomy and independence is the major challenge.


Article : The right thing

Context : Army personnel have used Human shields in Jammu and Kashmir.

Notes : Use of Human shields is a practice of terrorists  and is a human rights violation. Army shall resist from these temptations.

Words/case studies to remember

Carry home points :

  1. 1.        Army shall evolve a code of conduct vis a vis civilians. It shall clearly state that violation of human rights shall be avoided under all circumstances, even at the cost of operational success.
  2. 2.       Army presence has to inculcate a sense of security and shall not instill fear among the citizens.
  3. 3.       Difficulties in fighting a war can not be a justification for Human shield. Use of Human shields is a war crime.


Article : carpool for cleaner air

Context : air pollution in urban areas

Notes :

  1. 1.       Use of High occupancy toll lanes, High occupancy vehicles has proven to be effective in USA to reduce air pollution and traffic on the roads. India can experiment with the same. Lack of lane discipline is a major challenge.
  2. 2.       India also shall implement differential toll treatment for  higher polluting vehicles and Trucks.


Words/case studies to remember : car pooling, differential toll treatment.

Carry home points:  INDIA shall look in to various successful practices across the world to reduce vehicular traffic on urban roads.


Article : The shifting sands of 2017

Context : rising right wing in Europe.

Notes :

EU has humble beginnings as EEU and entered in to unchartered waters as EU with Maastricht treaty in 1992. Liberal democracy, free trade among the members, security from NATO are the cohesive factors. Later common defence, security policies are developed with a common high representative for all the members. Today, EU is facing challenges from various fronts. Right wing emergence is the prominent one.

The reasons for rise in right wing in Europe are

  1. 2008 economic crisis
  2. Jihadi extremism an radicalization of Minorities
  3. Migration challenges and added complexities of automation to job losses.
  4. Resurgence of nationalism.
  5. Sense of loss of sovereignty from common security and defence policies of EU.

Emergence of right wing in Europe is represented by the Brexit. Added to this, France, Germany, Italy , Sweden are going for elections and rise of right wing is clearly visible. For instance, Marine Le Pen in France, alternative for Germany headed by FraukePetry in Germany, Berlusconi in Italy are the examples.

Added to this, President Trump of USA is demanding for an hike in their defence Budgets, Turkey is threatening to come out of the agreements with EU. So, tough time is ahead for EU.

Words/case studies to remember : understand the differences between

  1. 1.       European council
  2. 2.       European commission
  3. 3.       European Parliament
  4. 4.       European council of ministers
  5. 5.       European Central Bank
  6. 6.       Schengen area
  7. 7.       Euro zone

Carry home points : divergent forces are getting strengthened in Europe.


Article : The strange case of KulbhushanJadhav

Context : Death sentence to KulbushanJadhav in Pakistan

Notes : death to KulbushalJadhav by military court in Pakistan can represent any of the possibilities listed below.

  1. Pakistans Fear of Indian hand  in Balochistan and Gilgit, Baltistan.
  2. Internal dynamics between army and civilian administration in Pakistan.
  3. To gain international attention and Moral equivalence with India.
  4. To get attention of USA administration under the President Trump.

Words/case studies to remember

Carry home points


Article : publishers Dilemma

Context : digitalization of media and rise in social Media

Notes : Influence of social Media platforms and technology companies is having a greater impact on the journalism. Facebook, Twitter, Google are able to control the news received by the user. It is decreasing the bargaining power of the news agencies with tech giants and quality of news is also coming down. Post truth era is reflection of growth of this trend.

Words/case studies to remember

Carry home points : Technology is changing the news conceived by the readers and ethical dilemmas of Journalistic practices.


Article : Nationalism then and now

Context : Hindu nationalism  and Indian Nationalism

Notes:  Indian Nationalism is a phenomenon born in opposition to British colonial oppression. Later, British policy of divide and rule, differences between the elites of Hindus and Muslims have led to the rise of Hindu and Islamic nationalism.

Words/ case studies to remember : remember Majumdars book – Three phases of India’s struggle for freedom.

Carry home points:


Article : A glacial flight

Context :new challenges in siachen.

Notes: problem of siachen glacier is a legacy of Partition. While the LoC was delineated and accepted by India and Pakistan up to point NJ9842,the glacier was left unmarked. India claims the area based on the Jammu and Kashmir Instrument of Accession (1947) and the Karachi Agreement of 1949, which define the ceasefire line beyond NJ9842 as “running Northwards to the glaciers”.India has shown willingness for demilitarization conditional on first authenticating the 110-km AGPL, which is the current position on the glacier. But Pakistan refuses, which means that once India vacates the posts, Pakistan may try to occupy them.

Today, the pressing concern is tackling the changing weather pattern.

Words/ case studies to remember :

Carry home points: Melting glaciers, avalanches are becoming a major challenge on siachen.










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