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18 April 2017



Article: why the Jayalalitha case matters

Context: dismissal of Review petition by SC in jayalalitha  case 

Notes: In the case of possessing disproportionate assets, the allegation is that a public servant amasses wealth by illegal means and the object of law is not merely to punish the offender but also to see that the offender or his/her legal representatives do not own or enjoy such illegally acquired assets.

Code of civil procedure clearly states that there will be no abatement of an appeal if the death is after judgement is reserved.

Words/case studies: prevention of corruption act

Carry home points: there is no abatement of Appeal if the death of an individual has occurred between conclusion of arguments and delivery of judgement.


Article: Understanding crowd dynamics

Context: Man-Animal conflict

Notes: man animal conflict is increasing due to shrinkage of wild life habitat and living spaces of human beings due to ever expanding economic activity.

In such a scenario, lack of understanding, training, cultural attributes of Bravery and concern for safety norms is encouraging Mob behaviour. This is increasing danger to wild life.

Words/case studies: Man Animal conflict

Carry home points: Man Animal conflict is on rise. But there is a reflection on the role of people in inciting a wild animal.


Article : Mr.Erdogan Rising

Context: referendum in Turkey

Notes: Referendum on giving sweeping powers to president has won in turkey. It means that Mr. Erdogan will get greater powers and office of Prime minister will be abolished and president becomes the head of the government. Added to this, president has the authority to appoint Judges, military officers and remove form the offices.

It brings in to question separation of powers and constitutional checks and balances. Taking Turkey’s unique situation in to consideration it can be a dangerous call.

Words/case studies: referendum

Carry home points: Turkey has transformed from a parliamentary democracy to a presidential republic.


Article : Legally enabling

Context: HIV/AIDS bill

Notes:  HIV/ AIDS bill passed by the parliament is in alignment with goal of AIDS free world by 2030 of SDGs. It provides for non discrimination in employment, education and access to Heath care services. States were given responsibility to implement the law and an ombudsman need to be appointed to look in to the progress of its implementation. The law can only effective if guidelines issued provide for reasonable time limit for inquiries in to complaints.

But only visible drawback of the bill is lack of promise on right to access to anti retro viral drugs and treatment for opportunistic infections. Considering the generic industry in India, government  could have promised the same.

Words/case studies:

Carry home points:HIV/AIDS bill is a progressive step in fight against the disease. It s effectiveness depends on implementation by the states.


Article: The great climate churn

Context: climate change and melting of ice sheets in Antarctica and Arctic

Notes:  Ice is melting at a fast pace in Arctica and Antarctica. Cracking of ice sheets, surface melting are on rise. If total ice melts at the poles it is expected that the mean sea level will rise by 60 meters. For India, east coast is mostly vulnerable. Sea water intrusion, flooding of low lying areas, intensive storms are expected to be the regular features.

Thus, enforcing the coastal regulation zone, protecting vulnerable districts and the most vulnerable communities which rely on ecosystems and  the sea for their livelihoods are areas that need strengthening. Regional agreements related to refugees from climate effects need to be initiated.

Words/case studies: inter glacials

Carry home points: the speed of melting of ice has increased, It has many untoward consequences for coastal life.


Article: challenges to party democracy

Context: Daniele caramani’s paper in American political science review titled will vs reason

Notes: Te paper clearly states that the party representation has been weakened due to increased emphasis on elections rather on governance. On the other hand there is a rise in populistic leadership and Technocracy. Populistic leadership reduces the importance of party and technocracy leads to a a rule by a group of experts..

Populism legitimacy is based on the will of the people, technocracy is on the rational speculation.

Words/case studies: Populism, technocracy

Carry home points: Populism and technocracy can be constructed as theoretical ideals and exist as a challenge to party democracy.


Article: Redefining citizenship

Context: right to vote in india

Notes: Supreme Court of India has announced a series of judgements to clean the politics from criminals. These include

  1. None of the above option to voters.
  2. Prisoners are disqualified to contes the elections during periods of incarceration.
  3. Prohibition of electoral appeals on the basis of caste, religion, Region and language are declared as impermissible.

But there are certain decisions that are deeply disquieting

  1. Court has increasingly used regrettable, caste based taxonomy of Purity and Pollution.
  2. Court has not still approved the right to vote as a constitutional right and has put it for contestation.

Words/case studies:

Carry home points:The right to vote and the right to contest elections are fundamental markers of citizenship in a constitutional democracy.




  1. Wholesale inflation decelerates to 5.7%
  2. NK singh report on FRBM act - The four-volume report of the committee to review the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management(FRBM) Act has suggested the creation of a new Fiscal Council and a focus on public debt to GDP ratio. It also has recommended for an escape clause of .5% of GDP above the target of 3% of GDP for FRBM act.
  3. Larger bench on anti defection case : Supreme Court of India in G Viswanath an case held that When a person who has been thrown out or expelled from the party which set him up as as a candidate and got elected, joins another [new]party, it will certainty amount to his voluntarily gibing up the membership of the political party which had set him up as a candidate for election as such member.” The matter is referee to larger bench for review of the Judgment.
  4. U.S. NSA arrives for firsthigh-level Trump outreach : Mc master, NSA of USA is visiting India as part of regional consultations.




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