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My Notes 19-April-2017 19-04-2017

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Please Follow My Notes and My Video 19-April-2017.


Article: Lonely and disinterested

Context : Indian foreign policy

Notes: India is becoming a silent spectator to the developments happening on international scene. It has to shift its focus from bilateralism to multilateralism. If not, it may get isolated in its neighborhood. The developments it need to take cognizance are

  1. Development of Saudi backed islamic military alliance.
  2. Growing Russia-china and Pakistan access. This has focussed on Afghanistan peace process with an emphasis on reconciliation with Taliban. As USA is steeping out itself from the region, this axis is becoming quite important. Added to this, strategic bonding between Russia and Pakistan is strengthening.
  3. China’s OBOR initiative is pulling south Asian nations in to its embrace. India is only the country left out in the process. If Russia also joins OBOR, it mean it has indirectly taken a position on Kashmir which is not in alignment with stand of India.
  4. Today, USA< UK, Russia all see Pakistan as a pivotal state in addressing terror.
  5. India’s ability to create a regional infrastructural arrangement excluding china and Pakistan are limited.

Words to remember: Islamic military alliance.

Carry home points: India shall focus on larger developments in its Neighborhood.


Article: After the referendum

Context : referendum in Turkey

Notes; Turkey has voted in favor of referendum and referendum won with a very slight margin. It reflects the Clear division in society. Rural people and conservatives are in favor of referendum and liberals, Urban population  are not. Misuse of state machinery, state hold over media and arrest of Erdogan’s opponents are also cited as reasons for victory of the referendum.

Referendum transforms Turkey in to presidential form and extends Erdogan’s right to context elections till 2029. After coup, president Erdogan has jailed many opponents and it has strengthened his hands. Now, power is going to become absolute with control over military, Judiciary and parliament. Checks and balances, separation of powers are expected to disappear.

Erdogan always had a tough Stand against Kurds. After People Democratic Party has showed its presence in elections, he initiated a political repression against them. These developments are expected to divide Turkey further.

Words to remember:

Carry home points: Turkey feels more and more socially divided after the referendum. Strengthening of hands of the Erdogan is not a solution for the same.



Article: Equity in debt

Context : N K singh committee report on Fiscal responsibility

Notes; NK singh committee recommendations on fiscal responsibility and budget management are appropriate. It has kept clear limitations on public spending that can lead to inflation, Crowding out of private capital etc.

Major recommendations are

  1. to maintain the 3% tar-get till 2019-20
  2. fiscal and revenue deficit numbers,which should be brought down to 2.5% and 0.8% of GDPrespectively by 2023.
  3. public debt as a proportion to GDP shall be reduced to60% by 2023 — from around 68% at present.
  4. A new debt and fiscal responsibility law shall be enacted with a fiscal council with independent experts.
  5. Escape clause – Targets can be deviated by .5% if there are extraordinary circumstances or unanticipated domestic developments. Decision shall be made by the fiscal council to be established.

Words to remember: fiscal council. Escape clause, debt and fiscal responsibility law

Carry home points: India is shifting towards a better institutional mechanism on fiscal management.


Article: Lines of defence

Context : EVM tampering allegations

Notes; : Election commission has introduced many of the technical and procedural  safeguards to EVMS. In spite of this, there are allegations of tampering. So, to allay the fears the best way froward is to add  voter verifiable paper audit trial machines to EVMs.

Words to remember: VVPAT

Carry home points: introduction of EVMs have resulted in a drastic reduction in electoral fraud and allowed for a greater voter participation. Reverting to ballot paper is a retrogressive step.


Article: There is no negativity about AAP

Context : Interview with Arvind Kejriwal – Delhi chief minister


  1. 1.       LG has all the powers with out accountability to people. Elected government has accountability but no powers.
  2. 2.       Personalities shall not dominate the issues.

Words to remember: Mohallah clinics

Carry home points:  In Delhi, state govt has functional authority only on health, education, electricity and water.



  1. 1.       CPEC is unrelated to Kashmir issue : China – china stated that projects like Karakoram Highway, one belt, one road initiative has no bearing on Beijing’s position on Kashmir.
  2. 2.       Theresa May announces elections for parliament in UK.
  3. 3.       New data safety regime from TRAI by Deepavali : data protection and privacy are important now as more people are getting connected.




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