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My Notes 20-April-2017 20-04-2017

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Article : United they exit?

Context : Prime Minister Theresa May has announced elections in Britain

Notes : There are a set of reasons that made Prime minister to go for early elections in Britain. These include

  1. Legitimacy : Conservatives led by david Cameron won the elections in 2015 on the premise of continuing in single market. Now, Ms May is expected to take forward Brexit talks. She needs approval from the people for her actions. Added to this, her agenda is quite different from that of Cameron.
  2. Legal issues : to bring Brexit process to a smooth end, multiple legislations has to hit the parliament. Support of parliament is critical and it gives Prime Minister much needed authority.
  3. Referendum in Scotland: Scotland is demanding for second referendum on the question of its independence. Ms May has rejected the time line proposed by SNP.
  4. Politically appropriate : Labour Party or liberal Democrats are not in a position to make a formidable challenge for conservatives.

To remember : Fixed terms parliaments act : it mandates a 5 year tenure for lower house. If it has to be dissolved in between it need to be approved by 2/3 Majority of House of Commons.

Carry home points :

  1. 1.       an electoral victory will give Prime Minister may necessary legitimacy to carry forward the Brexit process.
  2. 2.       Scope for the UK to bargain for a reasonable deal with EU appears to be extremely limited.
  3. 3.       Brexit plan has a legal challenge as it requires an authorization from parliament.


Article : The case for Mediated settlements

Context : NPAs of banks

Notes : NPAs of public sector banks are close to 7lakh crore rupees and they are one sixth of gross advances of Public sector banks. Many of the statutory remedies like corporate debt restructuring, securitization of debts did not yield results. So, the best way froward can be

  1. Professional mediation between debtor and creditor. It can be carried by the accounting or legal professionals.
  2. Fear of post decisional retribution shall be removed. Freedom to take sound commercial decisions shall be properly supported by law. An high level body shall be created for finalizing settlement agreement. Once it is approved, no investigative agency shall look in to it.

To remember : debt restructuring, securitization of debt.

Carry home points : Mediation as a solution shall be exposed for NPAs of banks.


Article : clouds of prosperity

Context : Met department has announced for good monsoon forecast

Notes : The normal monsoon forecast for India by meteorological department is a good news for both economy and environment. In India, summer monsoon is highly unpredictable due to formation of Indian Ocean dipole and Elnino effect.

Along with monsoon India shall take following aspects in to consideration

  1. Efficient water utilization : It is key to farm productivity. India uses three times more water compared to Brazil and China.
  2. Water conservation and augmentation of storage shall be emphasized.

To remember : Elnino effect, Indian Ocean dipole

Carry home points : India shall emphasize on water conservation.


Article : gauging the Trump effect

Context : foreign policy of Trump

Notes : Trumps foreign policy suffers from lack of consistency and there are many reversals from his campaign day rhetoric. His stance has changed with China, On NATO, Syria. In consideration to India, USA ambassador to India has announced that US wold proactively prevent India-Pakistan tensions. Is it an indication for US interest in Kashmir issue is a question to be looked in to.

Unpredictable behavior for a super power may have a tactical utility but it do not command respect. So, a level of predictability and consistency of action is necessary in actions of USA.

To remember :

Carry home points : Trump attack on Syria can derail the fragile ceasefire and peace process.


Article : The degree disease

Context : UGC has reduced the number of students a professor can guide in the universities for Ph.D and M.Phil courses.

Notes : Quality of education and research is more critical and it depends on the time spent by the supervisor on students.

To remember :

Carry home points : At university level concerns of research shall be on quality.



  1. 1.       PHFI looses FCRA license : The NGO has been barred from receiving foreign funds on the ground, among others, that it used foreign contributions to lobby parliamentarians, the media and the government on tobacco control issues, which “is prohibited under the FCRA.”It is believed that the think tank’s association with the BMGF(Bill and Melinda gates foundation) played an important role in the government’s action.
  2. 2.       Modi shows red light to beacons of VIP privilege : To put an end to VIP culture in India, Indian Government has scrapped a rule that allows for use of red lights on top of the vehicles.
  3. 3.       Conspiracy charge against Advani in Babri case revived: SC of India has revived the criminal conspiracy charges against BJP leaders in Babri Masjid demolition case. It has exercised its extra ordinary constitutional power under Art 142 of the constitution. 


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