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My Notes 21-April-2017 21-04-2017

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Article : The king of trying times

Context : Extradition of vijaya Mallya

Notes : India - U.K. Have mutual legal assistance treaty. It allows for extradition of people with criminal charges. But an extradition also need to satisfy the condition of Dual criminality. It mean that an action considered as a crime shall also be a crime under UK laws. As charges against Mallya are related to Money laundering and cheating, it satisfies condition of dual criminality. So, extradition can be expected.

To remember : Mutual legal assistance treaty.

Carry home points : There is a strong case for India to bring Vijaya Mallya to Justice.


Article : Trading away our digital rights

Context : digital sovereignty

Notes : Data is a currency and is a key resource in the digital space. It is the raw material fro digital intelligence and machine learning. It forms a kind of a social Brain that controls different sectors and extracts market value. Developed nations have the following demands in digital trade talks at WTO, regional comprehensive economic partnership talks.

  1. Free and unhindered access to the network to mine social and personal data.
  2. Free flow of data across the boarders
  3. Exclusion from future regulation of all services.

The key questions in this are

  1. Privacy concerns and ownership of data.
  2. Digital sovereignty of the nations.
  3. Monopoly concerns.

To remember : Digital sovereignty, digital intelligence 

Carry home points : digital intelligence is creating new social brain. Developing countries do not have access to this and trade talks are trying to take away powers to regulate the same.


Article : Red, Blue, ordinary

Context : VIP culture in India

Notes : Government of India has amended the central motor vehicles rules of 1989 to do away with the authority of state and central Governments nominate people for red beacon distinction. It is one of the colonial symbol and overhang to have a subject ruler separation.

There are many other entitlements still continuing and need to be dine away with.

To remember : culture of entitlement

Carry home points : There are many practices in India that continue VIP culture. There need to be an end to this.


Article : Ayodhya Again

Context : Supreme Court of India has ordered for a joint trial of cases involved with Babri Masjid demolition.

Notes : There are two cases running in Lucknow and Rae Barelli courts against Babri Masjid demolition. One is on unknown Karsevaks  for demolition of Babri masjid and the other is on BJP leaders for instigating a hate speech.

SC of india using its extraordinary powers under Art 142 of the constitution has transferred cases to Lucknow and they will be heard on a regular basis. It provides for a speedy judicial resolution for the matters that are very much delayed. It also poses inconvenient questions to Government as few of its ministers also face criminal charges.

To remember : Art 142 of the constitution.

Carry home points: Judicial stagnation and administrative apathy are the major challenges to rule of law. 


Article : should we privatize water?

Context : decreasing water table

Notes  :


  1. 1.       water is a scarce resource and it is connected to the eco system. It involves issues of rights of the people. Any attempt to see water as a commodity is bound to have disruptive consequences if we take it as an essential need.
  2. 2.       Privatization do not guarantee universal access and quality services too. It has been demonstrated in power sector already.
  3. 3.       The way forward is to improve the water governance in the country through a participative approach.

Counter argument : Government has failed to deliver the essential services like water to the citizens. Sewage management is in dismal state and many of the diseases in India are water borne. So, Public partnership model is the better way to deliver the services to poor. In this state shall determine the tariffs and private sector shall deliver the services. Involving private sector increases efficiencies. It need to be emphasized that more than 50% of the water getting leaked in delivery channels.

Ground water management need to be improved. In India ground water is primary source of drinking water and is under the private control. There is competitive race for exploitation of water and is one of the reasons for water crisis. Common pool resource character of water need to be recognized through a new law.



To remember :

Carry home points: Water is a common pool resource.


Article : closer to Brussels

Context : EU High representative for foreign affairs visit to India.

Notes : India – EU free trade talks got resumed after 4 years with Prime Minister Modi visit to Brussels. EU India summit than resumed is continuing with a stronger focus on security cooperation and adoption of joint declaration on counter terrorism.

EU new global strategy underlines the direct connection between European Prosperity and Asian Security. It fits well with interests of both the regions. EU-India-Afghanistan trilateral and the Indian Ocean region offers potential areas for cooperation.

To remember : India – EU summit.

Carry home points : EU new global strategy underlines the direct connection between European Prosperity and Asian Security.



  1. India makes fresh bid to get Headley and Rana
  2. Srilanka fisherfolk await solution.
  3. Logistics pact with USA almost done.






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