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My Notes 22-April-2017 22-04-2017

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Article: courting another political verdict

Context: JIT is formed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on foreign properties of Prime Minister Nawaz sharif.

Notes:In Pakistan, establishment is very strong. Supreme Court instead of being independent, served to the interests of establishment. In Panama Papers leak case, Prime Minister sharief was not disqualified form holding the office but ordered for a Joint investigation team.

JIT is also filled with officers form ISI and Military. It means that ultimately Prime Minister will be put to control by Military.

To remember : Money laundering, Panama papers.

Carry home points : Independent Judiciary is a critical need of the democracy.


Article: waiting for the Lokpal

Context: amendments to the lokpal bill

Notes:Lokpal bill was passed by the parliament in 2013 but still it has not become operational.the reasons are

  1. Selection committee of Lokpal shall consist of leader of opposition. As there is no opposition party in the present Lok Sabha, leader of position need to be changed to leader of single largest opposition party in the Loksabha. Amendment bill is still not passed by the parliament.
  2. There are dilutions to lokpal act even before it got enforced. These are

a)      Government has diluted the asset disclosure of Public servants, their spouses and dependent children.

b)      The power to sanction prosecution of public authorities held by the Lokpal is diluted nd shifted to the Government. Added to this, permission for prosecution is also extended to retired officials.

So, the above steps are not in the spirit of corruption free India.

To remember : Prevention of corruption act, Lokpal act.

Carry home points : Lokpal act and provisions under it are being diluted by the parliament even before it got enforced.


Article: At the cross roads

Context: presidential election in France.

Notes:EU is in cross roads and presidential election in France has a profound impact on the future of France and EU.

Traditionally, conservatives and socialists fought elections. But, unpopularity of socialists under president Hollande has given an opportunity for conservatives. But, corruption charges against conservative candidate Francois fillon has given opportunity for independent Emmanuel Macron, National fronts Marine le Pen and Leftist Jean LucMelenchon.

An outcome of election will definitely be a reflection of anti establishment anger. Unemployment rate among the youth is highest at the rate of 20% and economy did not recover from 2008 crisis yet.

To remember:

Carry home points : Elections in European countries are of a greatest significance for cohesiveness of EU.


  1. 1.       US launches probe in to china steel dumping
  2. 2.       India must focus on domestic market and raise its global merchandise: Panagariya.






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