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My Notes 1-May-2017 01-05-2017

Dear students

Please follow my notes and my video date 1 May 2017.


Article: Kashmir’s unending Tragedy

Context: sustained Kashmir unrest

Notes: situation in Kashmir is viewed as a Binary. The solutions are not been searched for and instead all the parties are not willing to see beyond their mental makeup. This propaganda is growing across social media and is put in to the context of nationalism.

The major reasons for escalation of violence in Kashmir are

  1. Lack of peace and reconciliation process
  2. Lack of an honest and accountable administration.
  3. Persistent stationing of security forces in kashmir and Human Rights violations.
  4. Repeated interference in Jammu and Kashmir internal political process. Best example can be lack of free and fair elections. It also have strengthened the hands of Pakistan. Once this situation is improved in late 1990s, political climate also appeared better.

Way out

Peace process can deescalate the tensions. The past experience shows us that if there has been a peace process, incidents of violence will come down. In 2010, multitrack process combining humanitarian and political dialogue, security reforms, economic benefitshave worked. They improved relations between the Valley and rest of India. BJP-PDP agenda for alliance talks of reconciliation for the state with no clear agenda forward. If peace process is delayed, resolution of the problem becomes difficult and complex.

There are many of the factions  in Hurriyat  interested in talks. But a proper ground has to be created by offering a political process and redressing human rights issue. Government stand that political dialogue can only be restored after some peace is offered may not help.

To remember : Art 370

Carry home points: Talks and Deescalation must go together – It is not wise to make them sequential.


Article: reining in the sharks

Context: Real estate (regulation and development) act has been put in to effect.

Notes:  Provisions of Real Estate (regulation and development) act has been notified by the Government. The major provisions of the act are

  1. Real estate Regulatory authority and real estate appellate tribunals need to be appointed by the state Governments with in a year. RERA and appellate authorities are expected to decide on complaints with in an ambitious period of 60 days.
  2. State Governments are expected to create a single window clearance for approvals in a time bound manner.
  3. Every developer has to register a project with RERA prior to any advt and sale. Developers also shall have all sanctions and statutory clearances in place prior to commencement of sale. Agents and real estate brokers also shall register with regulatory authority.
  4. Developers shall maintain 70% of the project funds in a separate escrow account to ensure that funds collected for the project are spent only on the project.
  5. Projects with plot sizeof minimum 500 sq.m or at least eight apartments shall be registered. Both developers and buyers will pay penalty for delays. The liability is on developers for structural defects for five years.

Major challenge of the law is concerns of real estate developers are not addressed.

  1. Builders state that flow of the finances is a major challenge. So, industry status for the real estate sector would help in the availability of funds.
  2. Real estate companies say that most delays are because of the grant of approvals on time.
  3. There is no attention given to an act of god for delays in project.
  4. There is no central repository of land titles/ deeds in india.

Eventually successful implementation of the project depends on states.

To remember :Real Estate (Regulation and development) act

Carry home points: Real Estate regulation act can address the concerns of home buyers in India.


Article: Building holistic ties

Context: India – srilanka relations

Notes:  India srilanka relations can not afford to be just transactional. Added to this, India is seeing the relations from Chinese perspective centered around economic operations and security concerns. India shall also focus on traditional political concerns related to human rights concerns and generating livelihood alternatives in Northern Economy. Resolving the long standing palk bay conflict also need to be given a priority. The more India treats SriLanka as an equal partner, the stronger the relationship is likely to grow.

To remember : Palk Bay

Carry home points: India must continue to engage Sri Lanka beyond mere transactional deals.


Article: Mr.Trump’s tax cut

Context: Economic policy of Trump

Notes: The major reason for slump in US economy is related to weak private investment spending and serious slump in productivity. Trump proposal is to bring in steep cuts in corporate tax rate, a significant reduction in individual income tax, scrapping of wealth tax and minimum alternative tax. He is also looking for bringing back cash pile of more than $1.8tn stacked outside USA to avoid corporate tax. The belief is increased investments and economic growth will rise employment. But, there are other consequences.

  1. Fiscal deficit is bound to go up.
  2. Historically, trickle down did not work as anticipated.

The other aspect productivity improvements in the long run require improvements in general business freedom as well, not just tax cuts.

To remember : trickle down effect

Carry home points: Trumps plan o tax cuts to increase capital rise and investment did not work as anticipated.


Article: Years after war, trials of resettlement

Context: resettlement in SriLanka

Notes: Even 9 Years after war there is no significant progress in creation of livelihood in Tamil dominated Northern and eastern provinces of Srilanka. During civil war, most of the lands of Tamils are taken away by the Army and not yet returned to this. For the few, to whom land was returned, no basic amenities are provided. So, providing a sense of place and economic security are important in this war battered community.

To remember :

Carry home points: Srilanka Government shall act on the ground to provide for resettlement.


Article:Price caps are a bad idea

Context: National Pharmaceutical pricing authority has slashed the prices of stents by 85%

Notes: slashing of prices of stents is hailed as an action taken in public good as it decreases prices of the life saving stents and makes them affordable. It can go other way round if producers do not see any profitability. The price caps imposed by Drugs prices control order 1995 led to the stoppage of production of half the drugs.

On economic front, it can also project india in a very bad light.

To remember : stents, National Pharmaceutical pricing authority.

Carry home points: Regulation of prices of stents by Government may discourage producers to invest in them.



SAARCsatellite set for lift-off

  1. The ‘South Asia Satellite,’ which India has built for use by countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) will be launched today.
  2. Natural resources mapping, telemedicine, education, deeper IT connectivity or fostering people-to people contact — this satellite will prove to be a boon in the progress of the entire region.
  3. The 2,230-kg satellite was built by the Indian Space Research Organisation and has 12 Ku-band transponders. It is cuboid in shape and built around a central cylinder. It has a mission life of over 12 years.

ECmaychange recounting rules

The Election Commission is actively considering revision of its recount rules so that slips generated by the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) devices can be matched with the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) count.

Turkey sees role in Kashmir talks

  1. Turkey has urged for a multilateral dialogue to solve the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. It is in tune with Turkey’s position to support UN resolution regarding Kashmir.
  2. On India’s NSG entry, President Erdogan said that Both India and Pakistan have the right to aspire for NSG membership hyphenation got India with Pakistan.
  3. The above statements are important as it followed hours after India expressed strong support for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cyprus, which has a decades-old territorial dispute with Turkey. Turkey has invaded Cyprus in 1974.

EC for 5-year ban o those bribing voters

The Election Commission will soon ask the government to disqualify for up to five years candidates listed in charge sheets for bribing voters.

India, U.S.  to  hold talks to strengthen  trade  ties

India and USA are slated to have trade talks in sectors such as infrastructure, digital technologies and smart cities inspite of recent visa and intellectual property issues.

USA has kept India on prior watch list category in its special 301 report on trade and intellectual property.





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