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My Notes 2-May-2017 02-05-2017

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Article : Being pragmatic with Pyongyang

Context : increasing tensions in Korean Peninsula. Recently USA sent USS carl Vinson aircraft carrier to Korean waters.

Notes : The priority of North Korea is to protect its regime and have an acceptance for the same by the global community. Insecurity has got heightened after the collapse of USSR. Though China has evolved as a guarantor, it has its own stakes with USA. So, Kim Jong UN of North Korea sees that nuclear capability is only the ultimate guarantee to protect his regime.

USA – North Korea relations suffered due to lack of policy consistency. Bill Clinton Government intimated talks with North Korea and eased restrictions. In 1992 withdrawal of tactical nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula, suspension of USA- South Korea joint military exercises has paved a way fro this. Later, bush administration had included North Korea in axis of evil, cancelled direct talks and annulled the 1994 agreement. North Korea in retaliation pulled out from NPT and Initiated nuclear development provoking a fresh crisis. China and Russia initiated a six party talks in 2004. Later they collapsed and North Korea did its nuclear test in 2006. Then onwards North Korea made a steady nuclear progress. So, USA policy vacillated between sanctions and humanitarian assistance.

Today, china is the largest trade partner to North Korea. It is looking to trade off nuclear test with regime guarantee. At the same time, China want USA to remove THAAD Missile deployment and joint Exercises with South Korea. So, china’s support is for a denuclearized Korean Peninsula.

If analyzed, Kim Jong un problem is existential and North Korea giving up on nuclear and missile capabilities will only be the last step. At most it can freeze its programs. So, assurance relating to regime acceptance and gradual normalization of relations is the way forward.

To remember : six party talks, NPT, THAAD, Korean War.

Carry home points : North Korean problem is existential and regime acceptance and regime guarantee is what the Kim Jong Un is looking at. So, he considers Nuclear capability is the only guarantor. In this scenario, USA must realize that more sanctions nor military strikes are viable options to rein in North Korea.


Article : Lokpal and the law

Context :SC ruling on Lokpal

News :Supreme Court of India has made it clear that lokpal act provides for the deletion committee to make an appointment even when it is truncated due to vacancy. So, lack of leader of opposition in Lok Sabha can not be a hinderance for the same.

To remember : Appointment of Lokpal.

Carry home points : In relation to determination of opposition party there is no law, except a direction from thechair when G.V. Mavalankar was Speaker, that says re-cognition is given only to a party that has won 10% of theseats in the Lower House. A 1977 Act on the salary of theOpposition Leader defines the position as the leader ofthe largest party in the opposition and recognized as such by the Speaker.


Article :Equity in Taxes

Context :imposition of taxes on agricultural income.

News :Bibek Debroy, a member of NITI Aayog has proposed for taxing agricultural income after a particular threshold. The major issues here are

  1. Taxing agricultural income is a state subject.
  2. Farming as a tax zone is a no go area for politics.
  3. If agricultural income is taxed, capital can be diverted to other sector.

So, any taxation on agriculture can happen only after structural issues are addressed. There shall be an appropriate tax policy to draw a distinction between rich and poor farmers.

To remember : Tax Base, structural issues in agriculture.

Carry home points : taxation on agricultural income can drive the capital away from agriculture.


Article : The National in the Municipal

Context : homogenization in Indian politics and Majoritarian threats to democracy.

News :Democracy has its paradoxes and ironies. Its institutions are meant to allow for dissent and for diversity. As moved from macro to micro scale, from National to local level diversity  is expected to multiply. if election trends are observed single party winning elections at National, state and local level can lead to homogenization.

Tolerance in politics is a critical virtue and is essential in a democracy. This has facilitated diverse groups to work together and reconciliation was possible in Indian history. Single party operating at all levels can lead to a new wave of centralization in Indian Politics.

To remember : Mizo accord, Language crisis.

Carry home points : homogenization and centralization in politics are not good for democracy.


Article : Sukma is a wake up call

Context : attack on CRPF party in Sukma by Naxals.

News :The major reasons for the reversals faced by CRPF in fight against Naxals are as follows

  1. Lack of a common plan across the states
  2. Incoordination between state police and Central forces.
  3. Inadequate training a combat capability of forces in Maoism affected states.
  4. Lack of institutionalized intelligence sharing  between states and regions.

To remember : Grey hounds special police force is the most successful model to fight against naxals. It can be replicated in other states.

Carry home points : capacity building and coordination shall be emphasized in fight against naxals.



  1. 1.       Fortified foods to tackle malnutrition
  2. 2.       Erdogan calls for war on terror and supports for India’s entry in to UN. 


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