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My Notes 3-May-2017 03-05-2017

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Article: winning back the valley

Context: rising unrest in Kashmir.

Notes: Kashmir agitation has fundamentally changed and it can move to a point of no return. A swift action is necessary. Previously between 2008-10 most of the movement is propelled by Pakistan.but now militancy has greater social acceptance and is leaderless. Most of the movements are unorganized and even divided. If this unattached militant with access to social media and deep state in Pakistan forms a rainbow coalition, it provides an oxygen to continuous struggle.

India shall take a constructive work up rather than seeing growing militancy as a handy work of Pakistan.

  1. It need to go back on the constitutional changes made to kashmir constitution after 1960s and shall establish its credibility as respecting constitution of Kashmir.
  2. Open and Impassioned appeal for peace in valley with all stakeholders.
  3. Jobs for Kashmiri youth need to be emphasized and economic activity in the valley need to be revived.


To remember: Intifada

Carry home points: India shall build trust and credibility with Kashmiri youth. It needs autonomy, dialogue and assurance for career.


Article: Refuge from sinking island

Context: global warming

Notes: global warming is an existential threat to many of the island nations that are never responsible to it. These vulnerable island nations need to work for adaptation and a special fund is necessary for the same. UNFCCC financial mechanisms can be extended to include adaptation of the island nations.

Another major challenge is migration from these island nations. A legal mechanism and an international forum is necessary to look in to the affairs of migrants of climate change.

To remember:  climate change, global warming and vulnerable island nations.

Carry home points: global community shall work to provide for a legal and financial mechanism for the island nations to adopt to climate change.


Article: Turkish Detour

Context: President Erdogan’s visit to India.

Notes: president Erdogan’s India visit did not start on a right footing. India has hosted Cyprus president NicosAnastasiades and Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari has visited Armenia – both the counties that do not have diplomatic relations with Turkey.

On his part, Erdogan has suggested for a multi lateral dialogue on Kashmir and hyphenated India with Pakistan on NSG entry. On Terrorism, he was selective and spoke on Naxalism rather than cross border terrorism emanating from Pakistan.

Historically, india and Turkey enjoy cultural contacts and they shall work to deepen these relations.

To remember:  Issue of Cyprus and Turkey

Carry home points: India and Turkey trade is decreasing. It need to be emphasised. 


Article: Powering up food

Context: fortification of food

Notes: fortification involves adding micro nutrients to a largely consumed food product. For example iodine to salt. It helps to fight many of the nutritional deficient problems in India. Iron deficiency anaemia and vitamin A deficiency. It is been recently reported that addition to zinc to food during 6months to 12years will reduce death from infections. So, it can be concluded that

  1. Fortification is a low cost solution for nutritional deficiency.
  2. It can address the problem quickly and so are speedy remedial measures.

But certain precautions are necessary

  1. Standards for fortification need to be clearly stated.
  2. Fortification is not a substitute to balanced diet.
  3. Cost of fortified food shall be cheap.

To remember: fortification of food.

Carry home points: fortification of micro nutrients can reduce their deficiencies.


Article: India should have its own policy on Afghanistan

Context: Interview with Hamid karzai

Notes: India  should  have  its own  policy  on  Afghanistan, based  on  its  own  view  of  the region,  its  own  interests  in the  region,  and  the  interests of  peace  and  stability  in Afghanistan.

To remember:  national unity Government.

Carry home points:


Article: Targeted Treatment

Context: revision of treatment guidelines for AIDS

Notes: WHO has revised AIDS treatment guidelines and recommended that antiretroviral therapy be initiated in people living with HIV irrespective of CD4 count or clinical stage. Earlier initiation of therapy will increase longevity and decreases risk of transmission.

To remember: HIV, CD4 cells , anti retro viral therapy.

Carry home points: early initiation of treatment decreases risk of transmission and increases longevity.



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