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My Notes 12-May-2017 12-05-2017

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Please follow my notes and my video date 12 may 2017

Article: New technology and old religion

Context: Is technology is becoming new god?

Notes:  science and religion have common objectives. To create an experience which is beyond our  physical limitations.  Augmented reality, virtual reality are trying to do the same. Here fundamental question that rise are related to autonomy of human action. Are humans losing their judgement and autonomy to technology. Science is not just about understanding knowledge of nature and it also aims to create nature. Coming, Bt foods, artificial intelligence are steps towards it.

There are also differences between religion and technology. Technology is creating a narcissistic and self centered individual unlike religion which is always been social. It can also create an individual who end up being delusional. 

To remember: augmented reality

Carry home points: science is no god. Science with out humanity is dangerous.


Article: What’s in a generic name.

Context: recently, Medical council of India has ordered doctors to prescribe medicines with generic names.

Notes: There are certain apprehensions for doctors for prescription with generic medicines. They are

  1. 1.       There is no uniform understanding of generics in India. Are they are INN ( International non proprietary names) or others is not clear.
  2. 2.       Generic drugs in India are available in fixed dose combinations and they do not have a clear therapeutic justification.
  3. 3.       There are no generics available for many drug formations.
  4. 4.       Generics may not have equal bio equivalence and bio availability as original drugs.

So, Government objective to have affordable access could be sidelined. So, an enlarged list of essential and life-saving medicines under price control, elimination of all irrational FDCs, no brands for drugs off patent, and briefer officially approved names to  make it easier for doctors to pre-scribe generics including the rational FDCs.

To remember: generic drugs, fixed dose combinations

Carry home points:


Article: A clear misfire

Context: President Trump sacking FBI chief James comey.

Notes: Trump’s decision to sack Mr comey brings in to conflict political powers of president and independence/ autonomy of administrative agencies.

To remember:

Carry home points: Investigative agencies need to be independent from politics of the day.


Article: TB time lines

Context: Lancet has published that drug resistant TB is rising in India.

Notes: In India, drug resistant TB is on rise and its mode of transmission is also changing. Increased number of drug resistant cases are expected to come form infected people to others rather than by strains acquiring resistance to TB drugs due to inadequate treatment. It will go against India’s target to eliminate TB by 2025.

What India shall do?

  1. Transmission cycle of  drug resistant TB shall be broken. Contact screening of family members and preventive treatment to children are critical.
  2. Making drug susceptibility testing mandatory for all infected cases.
  3. Early diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Cheaper and effective diagnostic tests need to be devised

To remember: MDR-TB, XDR-TB.

Carry home points: MDR-TB is expected to rise in India.


Article: should we do away with capital punishment?

Context: capital punishment to offenders in Nirbhaya case



  1. 1.       Crimes are as much about social failures as individual responsibility. By capital punishment, society is ignoring its role in crime perpetuation and simplifying crime prevention.
  2. 2.       Judicial system is not properly geared to identify rarest of rare cases and most of the cases are being acquitted at appeal process.
  3. 3.       Weaker and marginalized sections are succumbed to these punishments in most cases. Broken legal aid system, use of torture etc can cause administering of death penalty in an unfair manner.
  4. 4.       Objective of Justice shall be to reform not to retribute.
  5. 5.       State can not take away sanctity of life.
  6. 6.       There is no empirical evidence to prove that tough punishments will reduce crime in society.
  7. 7.       Across the world countries are moving away form death penalty and India stands out if it continues. Added to this, India may not be able to forge criminal exchange agreements due to death penalty in its law.

Counter argument

  1. 1.       Tougher punishments act as a deterrent for others to commit the same.
  2. 2.       It gives due justice to the aggrieved.

Legal position

SC of India in Bachman singh vs state of Punjab case held that death penalty shall be awarded in rarest of the rare cases alone.

To remember: capital punishment – can it be continued?

Carry home points: SC of India held that death penalty shall be awarded only in rarest of the rare cases.



  1. 1.       SC Not to examine Validity of polygamy – SC of india has made it clear that it will not look in to the question of polygamy and will confine itself to triple talaq and its constitutionality.  TheBench said it would examine whether triple talaq is a fundamental or essential part of the religion.
  2. 2.       Government regulations – GEAC genetic engineering approval committee gave nod for commercial cultivation of GM mustard.
  3. 3.       Voluntary unemployment is rising – Bibekdebroy.
  4. 4.       Centre to release new series of IIP, WPI data with 2011-12 as base year.



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