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Article: Ending nuclear dependency

Context: union Government declared establishment of 10 indigenous nuclear reactors

Notes: After nuclear deal India wanted to import nuclear reactors from westing house of USA, Areva of France and Russia. Later, hurdles of nuclear liability are also removed. But, Fukushima nuclear accident has changed perceptions of people on nuclear reactors and nuclear reactor supplier companies are in huge losses. Added to this, discovery of alternate fuels like shell gas also decreased demand for nuclear energy. In this scenario, westing house has filed for bankruptcy and Areva has suffered severe losses. Project delays in china, USA also have lead to cost overruns.

India has pioneered PHWRs and is going ahead with ten 700MW PHWR reactors. It will make India a nuclear plant supplier and a potential exporter.

To remember:Pressurized heavy water reactor.

Carry home points: The government’s go-ahead to 10 indigenous reactors is a timely step towards nuclear energy self-sufficiency.


Article: The courts and matters of faith

Context: Triple Talaq

Notes: constitution of India under Art 25 provides for freedom of conscience. Conscience forms the core of Individual sense of self and it need to be differentiated from belief. All matters of conscience are matters of faith but reverse is not truth. Matters of conscience are individual centric and it guides the choices individual makes. Matters of faith are group centric and can be subjected to constitutional morality and varied interpretations.

To remember:constitutional morality

Carry home points: we need to make a difference between matters of conscience and faith


Article: Upheld at The Hague

Context: ICJ has upheld India’s plea on Jadhav.

Notes: ICJ Judges have given provisional direction to Pakistan to take all the steps to ensure Mr Jadhav is not executesd. Though Pakistan argued stating the matter is not the jurisdiction of ICJ, as it is guided by a bilateral agreement court. The court did not heed to the same. For now, the court has taken into account the allegation of denial of consular access, and ruled that prima facie, this brought the issue within the purview of Article I of theOptional Protocol to the Vienna Convention, which says disputes regarding the interpretation or application of the Convention would be subject to the ‘compulsory jurisdiction’ of the ICJ.Further, it has noted that there isno exception to the consular access rule for those allegedly involved in ‘espionage’.

To remember: International court of Justice

Carry home points: With the ICJ upholding India’s plea on Jadhav,Pakistan must grant consular access


Article: Where the Jobs are

Context: Low employment generation in India

News: The rate of unemployment in india has grew from 3.8% in 2011-12 to 5% in 2015-16. In this context, economic advisor Arvind Subramanian stated that economic growth of 8-10% is necessary to ensure growth. He cited slowdown in agriculture, Infrastructure, IT as reasons for economic and employment  slowdown. On the other hand, Labour ministry is expected to announce a new employment policy with an emphasis on formalisaiton of labour. NITI Aayog strongly believes that under employment is a serious problem over unemployment, so, the following steps are very essential.

  1. 1.       India shall aim at growth driven by improvements in productivity and modernization of its labour force.
  2. 2.       Labour reforms are very crucial to improve formalisation of employment.
  3. 3.       Government shall also spend on asset and job creating areas.

To remember: unemployment and under employment

Carry home points:

  1. 1.       Public spending and economic policy need to be attuned to employment creation.
  2. 2.       Job creation needs to be an essential axis along which economic and social policies need to be formulated.

Article: Should Hindi be the sole official language?

Context: Hindi as an official language.


Arguments pro

  1. 1.       India is the largest spoken language among Indians.
  2. 2.       Constitution of India also have placed responsibility on state to promote Hindi as an official language.
  3. 3.       English is not a mother tongue or the common language many people can understand.
  4. 4.       As migration of people across the states have increased, Need for a link language has increased. Linguistic vehicles are essential for delivery of education, process of governance etc.

Counter arguments

  1. 1.       India is a multilingual country and not a mono lingual country.
  2. 2.       English has become a global link language.
  3. 3.       Unity of India is guarded by its diversity and not by its cultural fencing.
  4. 4.       There are many dialects in Hindi leading to separate movements for protection of Maithili.
  5. 5.       Languages like tamil, Telugu, Malayalam all have an equal heritage value.
  6. 6.       20 states in India do not speak in Hindi.

To remember: official language policy of India.

Carry home points: Unity of India is guarded by its diversity, not by its cultural fencing.



  1. 1.       ICJ stays Jadhav Execution.
  2. 2.       Hazare bats for right to recall legislators
  3. 3.       NSCN – IM goes on recruitment spree.
  4. 4.       New bill to deter offenders escape. – fugitive economic offenders bill-2017
  5. 5.       China invokes panchasheel. - Panchsheel lists mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-aggression, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs,equality and mutual benefit and peaceful co-existence ,as the touchstones for international conduct.
  6. 6.       India aims to boost trade ties with African nations – India has extended $7.6 bn credit to African nations and aims to use the upcoming annual meeting of the African development bank in Gujarat.



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