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My Notes 20-May-2017 20-05-2017

Dear students 

Please follow my notes and my video - date 20 may 2017


Article: Nepal Turns the corner

Context: local elections in Nepal

Notes: local elections in Nepal are bringing in a new respite in democracy. These are the first elections after 2013 constitution Assembly elections. Elections for local Governments are being held after 20 Years. The major challenges before Nepal today are

  1. 1.       Elections to parliament and provinces  need to be conducted as soon as possible.
  2. 2.       growing tensions between Hill areas and tribal population need to be addressed and shall not deepen.
  3. 3.       Constitutional clarity shall be given on status of provincial redrawing.

India – Nepal

  1. 1.       Nepal social economic progress and institutionalization of development will help poor states in Indian Neighborhood.
  2. 2.       In India civils society just buys ministry of external affairs narrative rather than seeking accountability from the same. Civil society oversight on Ministry of external affairs decisions need to be strengthened.
  3. 3.       China has already made strong inroads in to Nepal with its Lhasa – Shigatse rail line and India is far behind in trans Himalayan commerce.

To remember: Nepal constitutional crisis.

Carry home point: India shall keep itself away from internal politics of Nepal.


Article: Putting out a fire with more smoke

Context: President Trump dismissal of FBI Director comey.

Notes:  dismissal of James Comey, FBI director from office is President Trumps Nixon Moment. It signifies President Trumps lack of coherence and control over administration. Justice department in USA has functioned with independence and president interference with Investigation can be unpardonable.

It can lead to impeachment of president and republicans enjoying majority in both houses of congress is only the savior for president Trump.

To remember: water gate scandal

Carry home point: autonomy and independence of Investigative agencies shall be upheld and respected.


Article: GST clarity, at last

Context: GST council has decided tax rates on various goods and services.

Notes: GST council has kept most of the goods under 18% tax rate. But there are still some concerns to be addressed.

  1. 1.       Union Government can impose cess over and above the GST rates. The challenge now will be to prevent the imposition of these additional taxes.
  2. 2.       Complexity of tax structure is not completely addressed with GST. Across the world, a smile flat one rate is applied. In India, It is compromised with 4 different rates.
  3. 3.       Centre and states shall keep their pressing fiscal demands under control from influencing tax rates.

To remember: Revenue neutral rate.

Carry home point:The challenge now will be to prevent the imposition of additional taxes.



  1. 1.       GST rates for services are finalized.
  2. 2.       Ex coal sexy Gupta convicted.
  3. 3.       Prime Minister calls for evergreen revolution in country - Prime Minister NarendraModi called for an“evergreen revolution” to enable the country to meet the challenge faced by the agriculture sector.Emphasizing sustainable agricultural production He said that on the pattern of industrial clusters,agriculture clusters should be created, wherein differ-ent areas could be identified with particular crops.
  4. 4.       Survival of newborns: India ranks lower than Somalia : As per Global disease burden study India has lower rank i9n sub continent in relation to Global health access and Quality. In relation to neonatal health, India ranked worse than Afghanistan and Somalia.
  5. 5.        





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