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My Notes 29-May-2017 29-05-2017

Dear Students,

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Class plan notes

Misreading tea leaves


Post WWII global order

Important developments – before 1989 and after 1989

Present day factors – TRUMP, rise in china, BRI

Why USA is still a major power? – Military Industrial complex, technology, size of economy, global public goods

Why BRI can not be a successful move?

How India and china relations shall move forward?


Perception and reality?

  1. What are the core fundamentals of Journalism? – verification, checking, attribution and gate keeping.
  2. What are the arguments of Prime Minister Modi style of functioning?

All animals are equal

  1. What are new rules framed under prevention of cruelty to animals act?
  2. What are the issues come in to conflict over here?

Temer in trouble

Why people are losing confidence in institutions of Government in Brazil?

Connecting the dots after three years in the saddle

How Modi 3 years of govt is analyzed on following parameters?

  1. Farmers welfare – farmers suicide, MSP
  2. Black money
  3. Job creation
  4. Women safety
  5. Inflation
  6. Corruption

  what are the supportive examples/statistics ?



  1. Prime Minister Modi to Germany –
  2. Cattle trade rules go against 1960 law
  3. Centre’s spending improved after budget date advanced






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