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My Notes 30-May-2017 30-05-2017

Dear Students,

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 30-May-2017.

Class plan

Editorial –

Questions that wont go away

Context –

Warrior and soldier

Importance of perspective and how they vary?

Integrity of body , instrumentality - Rights as a concept needssome notion of the sacred to pro-tect the body. The sanctity of thebody guarantees the sanctity of theperson, and both are integral to atheory of citizenship in any demo-cracy. I

Brutalizations of body happened in history from very early days in different forms.

Is it in alignment with international law and fundamental rights

Circe of jingoism is creating huge areas of permissible violence

Ends and means


A way out for her too

Divorce for a Muslim women

Dissolution of Muslim marriages act 1939.

Faskh,( divorce on specific grounds) Talak e Tafawid, Khula, Mubaarat( divorce through mutual consent), Khyar al bulugh( option at puberty)



Beyond language conflict

  1. Hindi an official language along with others in such 8.
  2. Language in courts - 348
  3. State of Karnataka vs recognized unaided schools)
  4. Mother tongue plus English with Hindi as ceremonial 


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