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My Notes 05-June-2017 05-06-2017

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The economy in the time of Narendra Modi


  1. Government has rightly emphasized on manufacturing sector through Make in india. It is yet to show results. Weak  investment flow in to the sector is a major concern.
  2. Improving on Ease of doing business is focussed on supply side challenges, revival of demand is major concerns for investors.
  3. slow growth phenomenon, India is facing can be explained as

a)      lack of private investment flows

b)      Weak demand

c)       Unpredictable weather cycle and low agricultural output.

d)      Output loss in manufacturing, construction due to demonetisation.

e)      Government emphasis on fiscal consolidation  and inflation targeting that leaves no room to address concerns of growth.

Need for corrective action

  1. Demonetization has impacted economic growth, private consumption, credit growth.
  2. Investments, the principle engine of growth remain unresponsive to macro economic stimulus.

European variation

Traditional alliances are changing across Atlantic. Recent G 7 summit is a witness for the same. President  Trump did not Reaffirm NATOs Art 5 on  collective defence, withdrew from climate change and warned Europe on growing USA trade deficit with EU. It hinted at protectionism. USA is overturning traditional ties in favor of transactionalism.

One belt one road initiative and economic opportunities from the same are making Beijing a viable partner.

EU is still suspicious of Russia and its intentions. It considers Russia as a single most threat to its liberal order.

With global politics in a flux, India must make a careful choice of coalitions it forges.



Government programs


Mind the diversity

A cultural identity is a phenomenon that consists of choices by individuals and communities  that define aspects lie religion, ethnicity and personal habits. cultural symbols are an outward expression of cultural identities. Manipulation and politicization of cultural symbols related to these identities has resulted in chaos and destruction.

Cultural diversity is an organic part of Indian DNA. Any attempt to tamper with he idea of



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