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My Notes 06-June-2017 06-06-2017

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Fall in GDP growth in the last quarter of 2016-17 can not be just attributed to demonetisation. It can be to an extent true that demonetisation has effected manufacturing and construction sector. By and large growth by GVA is not out of range to expectations.Another  reason that can be stated for decrease in growth is Stabilization of oil prices.

Reserve bank vs CEA – It is official that inflation targeting is the primary objective of RBIS monetary policy. It is been targeted at 4%+/- 2%. India appears to have overachieved on inflation rather than on growth. Core inflation ( inflation – food, fuel and transport services) is falling for few months. In this context, monetary policy can be eased to aid growth. Another concern of RBI to ease monetary policy is flight of capital and stress on rupee as bond yields decreases. But. Today there is stable flow of investments and rupee is appreciating. So, RBI shall have an accommodative policy stand to support growth.

Finessing data collection

Time use surveys can better capture employment and unemployment situation in the country over labour force surveys. They collect comprehensive information on how people spend time on different activities. It can fill data gap for planning.

Maha farm crisis

A strike by farmers in Maharashtra on demands of loan waivers, minimum support pice for agricultural produce and writing off of electricity bills has lead to disruption of day to day life. It is expected to happen as prices have drastically fallen due to excess production caused by good monsoon.

Problem is systemic. India has excessively dependent on MSP to drive crop planning by farmers. Added to this, agricultural marketing did not develop on pan India basis. MSP was restricted only to few crops.

So, way forward is to strengthen agricultural insurance, reforming agricultural marketing and introduction of model contract farming act.


Diplomatic mayhem

Saudi,UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Maldives have decided to Isolate Qatar. Reason stated is Qatar is harboring terrorists. On deeper side it is a reflection of Cold War going on between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Qatar’s strong economic and diplomatic ties with Iran can be cited as a reason.

Note these facts

  1. Qatar is an economic power house with highest volume of sovereign wealth fund.
  2. It is largest exporter of LNG.
  3. It holds headquarters for US military’s central command and air command of US led military fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

President of India

President of india shall be a voice of sanity and fairness. He shall ensure constitutional federalism.


A Passage through Europe

India has spoke of trade and terrorism and also established as a protector/defender of global order in recent Prime Minister visit to Europe. Prime Minister of india, Modi has rightly stated that the protection of the environment and mother plant is an article of faith.


India launched GSLV MkIII that ca carry a payload of 4tonnes in to Geosynchronous transfer orbit. It has an inbuilt cryogenic engine. In present mission it has kept GSAT 19 in to space.




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