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My Notes 07-June-2017 07-06-2017

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In a new orbit

ISRO has launched a satellite weighing 3.1 tones in to geo stationary orbit about 36000km from earth. GSLV MKIII vehicle that launched the satellite has used indigenously developed cryogenic engine.


  1. Communication satellites are becoming heavier. So, GSLV can become a new work horse for india.
  2. India also have tested electric propulsion for maintaining satellite in orbit. It can reduce fuel to be carried and increases pay load carrying capacities.
  3. Space commerce in India is expected to get a boost as costs of Antrix are much lower than the other countries.
  4. GSLV MKII can be considered for transport of Human.

Finally, it has made India self sufficient in space technology.


Theresa May not?

Prime Minister Theresa May calling for general elections has its own set of challenges for her political party.

Increasing terror attacks, Demetia tax, austerity measures of Tories  are not going well with people. Added to this, her projection of election as a fight between her and Jeremy Corbin led to revival of his political career.

Another expectation of Prime Minister May was to have greater legitimacy from the people to have a better bargain with EU. But things are not going in right way.


Expensive Hazardous and inequitable

India has recently announced to build indigenously built PHWR of 700MW. Nuclear energy as a preferable option is changing and global mood is against to it. In this light, India going for investments in nuclear energy do not appear to be a well thought out decisions. Reasons are

  1. Comparative costs of nuclear production are high. As solar energy costs are decreasing, this difference is increasing further.
  2. Capital investment to job generation is very high for nuclear energy. If cost benefit analysis is announced, Non conventional sources like solar energy have less capital requirement and capital becomes productive quite soon. It is not the case with nuclear energy. Delays make costs to escalate further.
  3. Disposal of radio active material and danger of nuclear accidents makes it further prohibitive.
  4. Risks and costs of nuclear energy are overwhelmingly borne by the poor. There is always  lot of resistance from local communities against reactors.


The art of the free trade agreement

India has backed out from its bilateral investment treaties and presented a revised, model BIT for discussion. It has provided for exhaustion of local options for moving to international arbitration in matters related to state and investor disputes.

In this case, many of the investors fear that India is not a safe place for their investments. A model followed by EU in FTA with Canada can be apt for India. In this, they moved away from arbitration to a bilateral investment court system. EU is also keen to set up a multilateral investment court in which India can participate.



Technology has a solution for many of the challenges  of the world. Genetically modified crops can address the challenge of food shortage.

News  - Ghani makes an offer for talks with ultimatum. – President AshrafGhani gave a window for talks with Taliban through Kabul process.

Private banks rates cut slower – transfer of rate cuts is slower in private banks compared to public sector banks. 



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