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My Notes 08-June-2017 08-06-2017

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Retrieving ground in Afghanistan

Power sharing in Afghanistan is meant to accommodate different ethnicities. A fine balance is tried between Pashtuns and Non Pashtuns( Uzbeks, hazaras, Tajiks). But there are clear fault lines visible across these groups and National unity Government is losing its legitimacy and respect among the people. Recent boom attacks have directed anger of people against Government. Emergence of ISIS is another growing concern to security.

A way forward is existing stalemate need to be tilted in favour of the Afghan security forces. Institution building, strengthening of afghan troops and carrying forward peace process are steps forward. Foreign Troops can confine themselves to the role of assist, advise and train.

The Neutrino opportunity

Indian Neutrino observatory is stuck in Bureaucratic and environmental red tapism. Many of the fears concerned with this project are unfounded and no scientific basis. To remove these fears there has to be more direct communication between scientific community and public.

The PM in waiting

An Indian origin Leo Varadkar is expected to be the successor of Enda Kenny in Ireland. Ireland society, a catholic society appears to have moved ahead in its acceptance of a gay as its PM. There are many challenges before him.

  1. Severe housing shortage and police excesses need to be addressed.
  2. Common travel area between Britain and Ireland need to be maintained.
  3. Further reforms related to divorce and abortion are expected.


Holding the rate

RBI has taken a neutral policy stance and left the rates unchanged. It is been taken inspite of CPI and inflation expectations of households are benign. Reasons are being

  1. Fiscal slippages caused by farm loan waivers.
  2. Inflation easing appears to be transient as consumer demand has started going upwards.

Monetary  policy committee has clearly stated that policy can only be effective when private investment is revived and infrastructure bottlenecks are removed. It need to be taken seriously.

Added to this, RBI also has cut growth forecasts for the year 2017-18 by 10 basis points due to global uncertainties, rising input costs, wage pressures and the twin balance sheet problem.

On the other side govt argues that India has overachieved on inflation and policy shall give a way for economic growth. It is expecting an easing of rates.


Declare instant triple talaq invalid.

Various choices for women to offer divorce to husband among Muslims are indeed dependent on willingness of husband and for men it is not the same. (Faskh, Talaq-etafaweez, Khula, Mubarah etc)

So, if gender justice is the goal triple talaq need to be invalidated. Incremental steps like social boycott, conditions prohibiting it in  pre nuptial contracts are not very helpful.


Terror and Metropolitan police

Fighting terror in London needs greater confidence between public and police. It provides for gretater scope of action for police. Another major challenge is to navigate with politics as Met chief is appointed by central Government but reports to Mayor. In this case, if Mayor is from a different party, it is definitely a challenge.



WHO revises antibiotics protocol

Who has classified antibiotics as access, watch and reserve to contain their indiscriminate use.

India to Join SCO in Astana – SCO has two important arms that are expected to benefit India. 1. Trade, connectivity, energy and banking other is RATS (regional anti terrorist Structure)





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