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My Notes 09-June-2017 09-06-2017

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Getting Back on the growth track

Impact of demonetization on Indian growth can only be understood if we take a wholistic picture. First. A decline in growth rate is already happening from beginning of the year. Only agriculture and public administration showed strong growth and construction, services industry have seen a contraction of output. There is no surprise as they are largely dependent on construction. Shock effect created on construction sector is significant.

The biggest worry today is fall in gross foxed capital formation. Growth and employment generation can only happen if capital enters. Recent reforms such as bankruptcy code, GST can boost investments. Another worry is high burden of debt on banks. If banking problems are soon resolved it is better for economy.


Clouded coherence

India has announced to become a permanent member in SCO.  SCO is a security alliance not a cultural or geographically based coalition and its charter clearly states building confidence in military fields. Changing existing global economic and political order. It is clearly directed against the west. So, SCO is often considered as a counter force to NATO. In this context, india shall make a fine balance between these two interests.

Pakistan also joined along with India in SCO. It has a counter terrorism mechanism called RATS -Regional anti terror structure. India and Pakistan have different stands on terrorism. Shanghai spirit of good neighborliness is not expected to exist between the two.

India and china also have contradictions in positions on various important matters. It may be NSG entry for India, declaration of masoodAzhar as an international terrorist or belt and road initiative of china.

These challenges keep India in flux in SCO.


Terror in Tehran

ISIS considers Shia dominated Iran as an adversary for ideological and strategic reasons. Ideologically, ISIS thrives on anti Shia sectarianism and strategically Iran is training forces to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Another dimension in west Asia is mutual hostility that exists between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is been exploited by the ISIS to its advantage. Regional security can only be improved if this hostility ends.



Is the Paris agreement Necessary?

USA never showed their commitment to climate change negotiations. Even during president Obama times commitment is no way comparable to the historical emissions it has made. It has agreed to reduce emission by 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. It is not ready for Fair and equitable share of responsibilities.

Second important aspect is USA emphasizes on market mechanisms and energy efficiency, technology  as solutions to fight climate change.

On positive side, Trump decision to pullout form climate change has in fact unified the resolve of the world to fight climate change. With out USA, 2nd largest emitter to what extent fight continues is a question.



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