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My Notes 10-June-2017 10-06-2017

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Shake out in west minister.

PM Theresa May has announced for general elections with a hope to have greater legitimacy to have a bargain with European Union on Brexit Terms. But, election results have come out in favor of hung parliament. Indeed Conservative party have lost 12 seats and labour have gained 29 seats in comparison to previous house of people. Reasons for this are

  1. Election is more fought in a presidential style as a fight between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.
  2. May’s campaign is majorly focussed on need to have a tough bargain with EU. On the other hand labour spoke on conciliatory approach with EU to retain benefits of single market and customs union.
  3. Conservatives took a tough stand on immigration and it did not send a right signal to business. Labour has pledged for fair rules and reasonable management of immigration.
  4. Debate also has shifted from Brexit to impact of austerity measures announced by the Government. Dementia tax, budget cuts to education, reducing police force all have acted against Tories.

Finally, a coalition Government that is about to come in Britain is not going to be an answer to its ongoing crisis. Governments of this kind more work towards self preservation rather than reform and progress.

That arc to Tokyo

India – Japan civil nuclear deal is passed by Japanese diet. It can clear certain obstacles to import equipment from Japan. But, entire nuclear industry itself is in doldrums. Areva, GE, Westing house are close to bankruptcy and their Japanese investors like Toshiba, Hitachi and Mitsubishi are also not doing good.

After, Fukushima nuclear disaster world has become cautious of nuclear reactors. Germany once a committed nuclear champion has decided to pull out of nuclear energy altogether by 2022.

Availability of cheaper alternatives like solar, wind energy and shale oil have decreased dependency on nuclear energy.

Proper protocol

Antibiotics are revised by WHO in to access, watch and reserve categories to determine their usability. Here, objective is to fight drug resistance and to contain indiscriminate use of antibiotics. This system also underscores need for universal access to essential medicines and cautious use of antibiotics of last resort. It is a welcome step.


Front page

  1. Supreme Court of India has upheld the validity of an income tax law amendment linking PAN with Aadhar for filing tax returns.
  2. India and Pakistan joined SCO


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