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My Notes 12-June-2017 12-06-2017

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Please Follow My Notes and My Video 12-June-2017.



Neighborhood first in Nepal

If present status of Nepal is observed, first phase of local elections are over and country is gearing for parliamentary elections. Power also transferred from prachanda to Nepali congress leader Cher Bahadhurdeuba.

This time Prachandas tenure of office has improved India and Nepal relations to next level. As promised, he initiated amendments to constitution and also conducted elections to local governments.

But, Prime Minister sherBahadhurdeuba has a set of challenges before him. Second phase of panchayat  elections are about to be conducted in few weeks and this phase includes terai regions. Uniting madhesi parties and making them to contest elections is an upfront task. Deuba Government has already amended local level election act to allow rashtriya janata party of Nepal to content election.( it is a an umbrella party of Madhesi factions).

On Indian front, increased polarization of Nepalis and anti indianism developed during Oli Government. He also have taken Nepal close to china with his trade and transit agreement. A set of infrastructure projects are also going on with the help of china in Nepal. It is already a part of belt and road initiative. Various other projects are

  1. Rasuwagadi – syabrubesi road link with Tibet.
  2. Hydro electric project on BudhiGandaki  river

On other side, India’s promised aid is not being delivered to Nepal on time. It is the time India shall deliver its generous pledges.


Leave them students alone.

Indian education system is often criticised as too text book and exam oriented. India shall focus on educating the young rather preparing them for competition.

Comey’s case

Former FBI director comey’s testimony before senate committee on intelligence can establish that president has tried to interfere with justice function. It can be a ground for his impeachment. Present ongoing scam has no parallel in history and if it has to be compared it can only be compared to watergate scandal of Nixon.


Six days of war, 50 years of occupation

6 days of war between Israel and Arab countries has changed geo politics of region in favour of Israel. It has occupied Sinai peninsula from Egypt, Gowan heights form Syria, West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan. It also has changed perception of USA on Israel and it todate remains as one of the pillars of American foreign policy in the region.

If carefully observed, Israel never returned occupied territories unless forced. After reversals in Yom Kippur war in 1973, it has handed over Sinai peninsula to Egypt. It gave concession to Palestine after first and second intifada. It clearly shows that Israel chose territory over peace in this 50 years.


  1. India and Israel set to expand defence ties. – India and Israel closed a deal on Anti tank missiles Spike to be supplied to India. Added to this both countries are also developing medics range surface to air missile system for Army.
  2. Maharashtra to waive farm loans.
  3. Finance ministry is debating bad bank concept.
  4. Can India decode Trump’s book of deals? – Trump has chosen a transactional style of diplomacy and his priorities are to protect USA interests in trade rather than strategic interests. In this context, china has engaged well with American states and captured their markers. India can too focus to expand market for its goods in America by focusing on Individual states.



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