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My Notes 13-June-2017 13-06-2017

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The Road from St.petersburg

India and Russia has to move from nostalgia to some substantive drivers to improve their relations. Both have convergence in energy, nuclear, defence technology. They have common interests to have a multi polar international political and security architecture.

On the other side, change in geopolitical situation after 1990 have also influenced India-Russia relationship and created divergences. Navigating through these is also very critical. Today Russia has become close to china and India, Russia do not share a common concern on china. China is largest trading partner of Russia and defence technology transfers and purchases are very active. Russia also needs Chinese support in confronting a hostile USA and Western Europe.

On the other side, Russia do not like to be a junior partner to china. Tactically they might have come close. But strategically, Russia has its concerns on Chinese in roads in to Central Asia and Eastern Europe which Russia considers ass its sphere of influence. In this scenario, Russia may encourage India in Central Asia. So, India shall sign FTA with Eurasian economic union and also shall actively involve in shanghai cooperation organisation.

It is also in the Indian interests to see an improvement in relations between Russia, USA and Western Europe. A coherent and open EU can well engage with Russia. But, USA under Trump can be doubtful.

In defence, energy partnership can be taken to the next level. But, irritants that have come for admiral gorshkovneed to be avoided. A long term energy partnership can be considered with Russia. In recent Prime Minister Modi visit to St. Petersburg there is a reference to energy corridor and is a welcome step.


Upholding Chavismo

constitutional assembly is created in Venezuela to draft a new constitution. It has to be guided by the vision of Hugo Chavez and shall try to create strong democratic in institutions.

The rot in farming

Maharashtra. MP are offering loan waivers to farmers. Tamil Nadu is on the way. It exposes rot in Indian farming sector. Systemic challenges in farming sector that need to be addressed are

  1. Price discovery – there is always a sharp fall in price when surplus is generated. Govt objective to keep inflation under control has aggravated farm distress. Farmers shall be given freedom to sell. Integration of markets is very critical.
  2. Rural lending – growth in rural lending has decreased and indeed most of the rural lending is indirect rather than direct.
  3. Input costs have increased while income is decreasing.
  4. Labour and land reforms need to be revised to increase farm productivity and also to decrease dependance on agriculture.

Front page

  1. Loan waivers need to be borne by the states. – finance minister.
  2. CPI slows to lowest since 2012.



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