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My Notes 14-June-2017 14-06-2017

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The best of times, the worst of times

Whenever a bumper crops comes, prices of agricultural products drop dramatically pushing farmers fro distress sale. Ongoing farm crisis can be attributed to this sharp fall in prices. Solutions to fight this are

  1. Making agriculture affordable by decreasing costs of inputs – If agriculture becomes ecologically sensitive and sustainable, it also becomes affordable. On the other hand, degradation of soil, decreasing water resources  and increased use of pesticides are making agriculture unsustainable and non remunerative.
  2. Management of surface and ground water need to be radically reformed. Colonial common law code that gave a right to land owner to exploit underground water need to be revised.
  3. Diversification of livelihood opportunities such as livestock and fisheries. Crop diversification also need to be encouraged and Government shall procure mullets and pulses.
  4.  Investments shall be raised in to Afro processing industry.
  5. Credit and crop insurance shall be increased to 85% of small and marginal farmers.
  6. Farmers producers organisation need to be encouraged to benefit them form market participation.

Policy reform in agriculture is need of the hour.


Waiting for reconciliation in Myanmar

Panglong peace conference was held in Myanmar to find a solution towards national reconciliation. These are tripartite talks involving Government, political parties and  ethnic armed organizations. Here objective is to achieve a power sharing arrangement through consensus. China has played a crucial role to bring armed groups for conference.

A shattered peace

Separate Gurkha state demand has raised again in West Bengal. Government order for students to study Bengali language is the reason for this.  Inspite of Government clarifying that rule do not apply to Darjeeling, Gurkha Janamukthimorcha went a head with Bandh call. It shows politics have taken a centre stage than other reasons. While the State  government must be firm and quick to quell cries  for the formation of a  separate state  in the border region, the GJM should tread carefully as a spiral of violence hurts hill-dwellers the most.



  1. Gurkha movement gathers storm
  2. NAVIC, (IRNSS IA – a satellite part of NAVIC) an Indian version of GPS has lost a satellite.
  3. Yechury calls for annual MSP law.- Yechury has called for a legislation mandating theUnion government to fix an annual Minimum SupportPrice (MSP) for all agriculture products, which shouldbe one and half times of theproduction cost.



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