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My Notes 15-June-2017 15-06-2017

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Musings on London Bridge

Lone wolf attacks are on raise across the world. People involved in this are self indoctrinated to ISIS propaganda machinery. It is also a conscious and deliberate attempt by terror organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS to decentralize jihadism. As there is no centralized planning and execution is involved identifying and controlling them has become very  difficult. Till date, by and large police action is been to neutralize terrorists as soon as they unleash terror.

There is also  competition among Al-Qaeda and ISIS for funds, recruits and prestige. ISIS has displaced Al Qaeda as the dominant force in international jihadism. But, increasing losses in war  on home ground in Raqqa,Mosul made ISIS insecure and it can be a reason for frequent attacks.

Deterring attacks against civilians will require working towards political settlements in Syria and Iraq. Public cooperation in monitoring clandestine networks can be helpful.


Unwise proposal

Election commission of India proposed for law commission to give contempt powers for the organization. As of now, contempt powers exist for courts and parliament.  courts are empowered through contempt of court act, 1971. It is not codified in case of parliament yet.

Normally civil contempt pertains to disobedience of court orders and criminal contempt involves scandalising or lowering authority of the institution. These grounds are very vague and often tends to be subjective.

Election commission often responds robustly when allegations against  elections develop. Judiciary is not expected to do the same and enter in to public controversies. So, contempt powers are not in alignment with our open, democratic system.


The Quetta Murders.

Recent Murders of Chinese Nationals in Quetta, Balochistan brought china Pakistan economic corridors in to news again. Pakistan accused Chinese nationals are involved  in missionary activities and china cites it as an inadequate security. China has requested Pakistan to speed up establishment of special security division.

Big data, big dangers

Big data technology involves concerns of privacy and drain of wealth. Financial rewards of big data are enjoyed by the MNCs located in USA. In this context, following suggestions can be made.

  1. Government can encourage establishment of data centers so that data remain with in the country.
  2. Research and development activities in big data science.
  3. Data protective  and privacy legislation need to be enacted.
  4. Encouraging formation of native internet giants like china.


Front page

  1. Cabinet clears 5% interest subvention for crop loans.
  2. Punjab is set to go ahead with farm loan waiver.



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